Sunday, 29 September 2013


Today Karl and I went to swimming to learn how to swim. First when we got there we went and got changed into our swimming togs. They are red and black. Before we got into the pool we had a shower. Next we got into the pool.Then we had a play in the pool for a little while. Then we began our swimming lesson - we practiced freestyle, backstroke, dolphin kick and bombing.  At the end we kept on swimming.Then we got out to get changed.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Emerald City of Oz

The Emerald City of Oz
By L.Frank Baum.

 Dorothy's Uncle  and Aunty grew poorer every year and could not pay the mortgage on their farm. One day a banker said to Uncle Henry that they had to pay the money in thirty days otherwise they had to give up the farm. Uncle Henry did not tell Dorothy because he was afraid that his niece would not be happy. One day Dorothy found her Uncle and Aunty crying so she asked them what was wrong and she was crying at the end.

They thought that if Dorothy brought home an emerald from the land of Oz it would leave their farm free forever. However she did not bring home an emerald because she had no time.

I liked this book because Dorothy goes to stay in the land of Oz.  The book was easy to read as the words were not so hard.

However, it is sad because the author got a feather and it said "You will never hear anything more about Oz, because we are now cut off forever from the rest of the world.  But Toto and I will always love you and all the other children who love us.  Dorothy Gale."