Wednesday, 23 July 2014


On Wednesday we learnt about sea stars as well as doing some for our Inquiry. There are over 2000 different types of Sea Stars. Sea Stars can be found 6,000 to 20,000 metres down in the sea.

We made a game called Sea Star Maths. You need to add the numbers together to equal the total number.

Lichfield Departing

On Saturday morning Karl and I got up at 6:00 and started watching tv. I had a fried egg, a toasted sandwich and some weetbix. Oma gave us some loom bands to make. We packed our bags and left. On the way back to Auckland we stopped at Mc Donalds. Papa bought a coffee and a Hashbrown, got me a Chesseburger and got Karl a Chesseburger. When we got back to Auckland we went to the Panmure Pools

Friday, 18 July 2014

Lichfield Arrival

Today Papa and I headed down to Lichfield to pick up Karl from our Oma's and Opa's house. On the way we went to Omm Ron's work. We saw Karl and Oma outside on the top step going down to the chickens out the back. I was playing with Karl and making loom bands for Tante Thea who is Oma's sister I was doing till diner. We are staying the night wit them and going home later which is tomorrow morning.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Historic Houses

On Wednesday 16 July, Mama, Uggie and I went to visit some historic houses in Auckland.  The first place was called Highwic which is in Newmarket.  It's a fine historical place in Auckland for people to visit.  Alfred Buckland built it for his 2 wives (the 1st wife died and then he married again) and his 21 children.  When they first lived there, there was no power.  The boys slept in a dormitory and the girls slept in their own rooms.  It took them 5 hours in a horse and buggy to go to their holiday house in Bucklands Beach - now days, that would take about 30 minutes.

The second house we went to was called Alberton, which is in Mt Albert.  It is a romantic timber mansion and it has towers and 18 rooms.  The maids slept up in the attic rooms.  They used to get up at 4.30am or 5am to light the fires.  The maids were not able to be seen by the family doing their work, so they had to get up to light the fires early so they weren't seen.  They went to bed about 11pm at night, so they only got 5.5-6 hours sleep a day.  They only had one day off each month.  The Kerr Taylor family lived there.  Mt Taylor is Glendowie is named after the family.

The meat store at Highwic

The Drawing Room at Highwic

The children's lounge at Highwic

Outside Highwic


Looking down a well in the wash room at Alberton

Monday, 14 July 2014

Book Review The 39 Storey Treehouse

On Monday I bought a book which is called The 39 Storey Treehouse. The author of the book is Andy Griffiths and the illustrator is Terry Denton. The book is set in a treehouse; the characters in the book are Terry, Andy, Jill who is Terry and Andy's neighbour and Professor Stupidio. In the book Terry and Andy go to the dark side of the moon to find this man called Professor Stupidio. He was famous for un-inventing but nobody liked him so they sent him away to the moon.  Professor Stupidio helped Terry and Andy get rid of the machine so they could get in to their treehouse.

I really liked this book because it is funny like the other 2 books in the series I have, and I need to get The 52 Storey Treehouse.

FIFA World Cup Final Argentina vs Germany

On Monday morning we got up at 7:00 and turned on the television to watch the very last game of the FIFA World Cup 2014, the finals, Germany vs Argentina. In the first half both teams were playing defensively so no teams scored a goal. In the second half still both teams were playing defensively so no goals were scored like the first half. In the second half of the extra half a Germany player Mario Gotze scored a goal. Argentina did not score a goal so Germany won the FIFA World Cup 2014. The best player in the tournament was Lionel Messi from Argentina. The best goalkeeper in the tournament was the Germany goalkeeper.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Book Knowledge Quiz

Today, I looked at the Room 10 class blog and tried the Cartoon Quiz that Mrs Parker had suggested.  I did not do very well on that quiz.

Then, I tried a Book Knowledge Quiz, and I got 9 out of 10!!  90%  Try and do it yourself.

Book knowledge quiz

Netherlands vs Brazil

On Sunday in the morning we watched the FIFA World Cup play-off for 3rd place, Netherlands vs Brazil. At the end of the first half the score was 2-0 to the Netherlands. The first goal was when Arjen Robben was tripped up by a Brazilian player so the Netherlands got a free-kick at goal and it succeeded. The second goal was when a Dutch player kicked it to another Dutch player and he kicked it in the goal. The third goal happened in the second half but Mama and I were at church so we did not get to see it. The final score was 3-0 to the Netherlands so that means the Netherlands came third in the World Cup.

I enjoy watching football because our father is from the Netherlands and football is very popular there.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Panmure Library

On Friday we went to the Panmure Library to build Panmure out of play-do. We built it because a earthquake destroyed all of Panmure so we had to rebuild Panmure to make it more fun and cool.  This was part of the Auckland Libraries Wild! School Holiday Programme.

I built a rollercoaster which was on the sea. I also built a chair and television which someone destroyed for something else. In our town someone built a McDonalds for the city, a rock with sharks circling around it, and a mountain with people coming down from the mountain.

After that was the prizes. I won a chocolate flake for the rollercoaster I made. Two other things in the other group won a prize. The judge still had one more prize left so he chose the rock with sharks circling around it, Karl's army fort and one from the other team for everyone to vote on. Because there was only one from the other group they had the most votes. However, everyone got a lollipop.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Netherlands vs Argentina

On Thursday morning we got up at eight o'clock to watch the Netherlands vs Argentina. At half time the score was 0-all because both teams were playing hard and the goalkeepers were defending the goals well. In the second half still both teams were playing and defending well. At the end of the second half the score was still 0-all.

The game went into the extra time which is two fifteen minute halves. No goals were scored in the first half of the extra time. No goals were scored in the second half of the extra time like the first half of the extra time. Next was the penalty kick out time. Argentina-1 Netherlands-0 Argentina-2 Netherlands -1 Argentina-3 Netherlands-1 Argentina-4 Netherlands-2 Argentina won by 1 point at the end of the game.

Because Papa is from the Netherlands we were supporting the Netherlands so at the end of the game Karl started crying on the couch and I went to my room to cry. After that our house was a sad and quiet house because the Netherlands lost they game. 😅😅😅

Brazil vs Germany

On the 9th of July we watched Brazil vs Germany in the FIFA World Cup. In the first half, the Brazilian goalkeeper let 5 goals go in the goal. At the end of the first half the score was 5-0 with Germany in the lead. The Brazilian team and coaches must have not been happy because Germany was in the lead by 5 points. The biggest defeat the Brazilian's have ever had up until this time was against Uruguay in 1920 (it was 6-0).

At the end of the football game the score was Germany 7 - 1 Brazil. The Brazilian team's goalkeeper might have gone and hid after the game because he let 7 goals go past him. The coaches on the Brazilian team must have been angry because the Brazilian team lost the game by 6 points. The German team must have been celebrating because they beat the host team in the semi finals.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


On Sunday afternoon we went to Sylvia Park to watch the movies for Papa's work. The movie we watched was The House Of Magic. We got popcorn, an ice cream and a drink which was water or Coke. The ice cream flavours were Chocolate and Vanilla. I chose Chocolate Ice Cream, Popcorn and Water. Mama, Papa and Karl chose Vanilla Ice Cream with Coke and Popcorn. The movie is about a cat who is dumped in the middle of the road and left there. At the end I was happy because I liked the movie about The House Of Magic and the cat.

Monday, 7 July 2014


On Sunday morning after Papa arrived home we went to church. Papa stayed at home and did his washing. After church I talked with Jaz about things I need to do to get the My Faith badge for Cubs. Cubs is a part of Scouts.

I have been doing some good turns for my family.  I made my Papa breakfast when he came home.  I helped make my mum bake a cake for my Papa, to welcome him home.

There are  four different cloths they use for the background behind the cross and altar up the top on the wall. The four different colours are cream, red, purple and green. Cream is for Easter and red is for Christmas. Green is for ordinary and purple is for Lent. There are stained glass windows in our church.  Some of them show the 12 disciples.  At the back of the church, there is a baptismal font as well the organ, which is played during the church services.  In the foyer of our church, there is a bell tower - the bells are rung before the services start to let people know that the church is starting.

We read the story about the Good Samaritan (Luke 10) where a man is beaten up and robbed.  Two people walked past him on the other side of the road, but a third person, the Good Samaritan, stopped to help him and then took him to an inn so he could recover.  I have made a card for my great, great uncle who is sick in Christchurch.

We also read a book about a man with leprosy who runs out to Jesus when Jesus arrives in the city.  People with leprosy were avoided by other people and this man had no friends.  Jesus touches the man with leprosy and the leprosy sores all disappear.  The man told everyone of his cure.  I learnt not to be mean to other people just because they are different than me.  For example, if there was someone at school with no friends, I could go and talk to them.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Papa arriving home

On Sunday morning I woke up and mama came down and told me that Papa was  home in his bed. I went down to him and he heard me as I came into the room. I made him breakfast which was a piece of toast with honey on it. We were watching the fifa world cup game Netherlands vs Coast Rica. At half time Papa gave us some T-shirts which were orange with the Netherlands flag on it on a lion's face. We liked the t-shirts so much we took them to church with us.

Tree planting at Omaru

On Saturday morning we headed down to Omaru River near the Glen Innes library for tree planting. Before we started planting I was helping Alice and Kate to do all the measurement's to put on the board about the temperature of the water and the air and how clear the water was and what the pH was. Mama and I planted over fifteen trees the whole day. All the trees (500) were planted in less than a hour. Before we left Alice and I went fishing in the river to look for animals that live in the river. We found two damselfly and lots of small midges.