Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Old Town San Diego

On Tuesday, we had breakfast which had at least everything you want for breakfast, including yogurt, toast, waffles, eggs, fruit, juice, cereals, oatmeal (we call that porridge), sausage, muffins, tea and coffee.  At the hotel where we are staying with Mama and Papa, we only have pastries, juice and coffee.

After breakfast, we caught the trolley to Old Town San Diego, which has buildings from the original San Diego town built in the early 1800s.  Once we got there, we looked at some jewelry which was half price, but only until noon.  We looked in the main building then we went to a store where they had lollies (they call it candy here) such as licorice, chocolate.  Many of the buildings are adobe, which is sand, grass, dung, mud and straw, covered with whitewash.  The whitewash has ground up sea shells and lime in it.

Karl and I spent a lot of time playing on a covered wagon.  While Mama and Papa were on a tour of Old Town, we got more lollies, which had licorice and Lego-shaped lollies.

Mama & Papa met us after lunch, and we spent more time exploring, including an old cemetery which had graves from early Old Town settlers.  There was one was who was hung for stealing the only rowboat in San Diego harbour.  He was hung by his godfather, who was the deputy sheriff.

We had dinner in a Mexican restaurant, which was painted in bright colours and had lots of pinatas hanging from the ceiling.

I loved the day, but I ate too much food at the dinner table.


Angelica Fakahau said...

you are so special i wish i came with you on a holiday trip to america california

Mrs Tofa said...

How lovely Robin. That sure sounds like a lot of fun. You and Robin must be having the time of your lives. Thank you for the updates and for the photos. As they say a picture paints a thousand words. Take care.

Raewyn McGregor said...

What a fantastic holiday you are having, Robin. How could you move after a big breakfast like that?? Love reading your blog and looking at all the pictures. And I wish I were there to share those lollies!!! Have fun.

Marjo Plessius said...

Lieve Robin

Dat lekkere ontbijt was zeker met Tante Thea en Miss Ronnie? Het klinkt zo lekker dat je wel kan blijven eten. :-)
Geniet van je dagen
Veel liefs Oma xoxoxoxox

Christopher said...

Hi Robin how was the Grand Canyon.

Christopher said...

Was it big,huge how can I
explain it.

Christopher said...

Was it cool

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