Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Late on Friday night after we finished school we got in the car and we went down to Lichfield. When we got in our car it was 10:00 at night. When we finally got to Oma and Opa's house it was 12:15 at night. As I walked uo the stairs, I said "hello" to Oma and Opa. I went and put my stuff on the top bunk. I hopped into bed and Oma, Opa, Mama and Papa said goodnight to me.

Friday, 5 December 2014


Yesterday in the Afternoon, Karl went to Scouts. When he was at Scouts I decided to read a book called Dead Scary. I liked it so much that I decided to read it the next day. Then we went to pick Karl up from scouts. Then we went home and went to bed.


When I wok up I got a book and started reading the book. It was called Dead Scary. My mum told me to get out of bed and get ready for school. I had my breakfast which was cornflakes. Then I brushed my teeth before heading off to school with Karl.


Today I came to School in the morning. I watched some people playing SuperMechs and then when the bell rang I went to class. I got out the netbooks and voted for the Ofa Kena award which is for the kindest person. Then Mrs Tofa told us that we needed to post some blogs and this is my 7 blog today.

By Robin

Bach-Setting Activity

I see sand down a path. I also see a car outside the bach. People inside the bach playing games with their families. I see people sleeping in beds.

I hear people telling the other people that they have won the game. I also hear the car arriving and leaving the bach. I hear little children outside playing with each other.

I feel the walls of the bach. I also feel the grass on the ground and trees. I also feel the car and the doors and windows. I also feel people.

People are their. Cars are outside in the driveway and in the garage. The family pets are also their with the families inside the house.

People are getting their luggage out of the cars and people are getting out of the cars. People are sleeping on the beds and playing games.

City-Setting Activity

I see lots of cars, people walking along the busy streets. I also see people eating food in restaurants. I also see people in clothing shops buying clothes.

I hear people talking to they friends, people talking to their children asking them if this is okay. I hear dogs on leashes with their owners.

I feel buildings on the side of the road. I also feel cars and trucks and vans driving. I feel people on the side of the road and soft and cuddly dogs there too.

Cars and trucks and vans are their. People are walking on the side of the road. Aswell as dogs, there are also shopkeepers in the shops.

Shopkeepers are selling clothes and food to people. People are talking to their friends. People are also hoping on buses to go somewhere.

Forest-Setting Activity

I see lots of tall, native trees and people hiking. People on their bikes, biking around the forests and on tracks. People looking at animals in pens like cattle.

I hear people biking through mud. Tall trees waving their leaves in the winds. People calling to their families to hurry up because they are way ahead.

I feel the bark off the trees. I also feel the mud on the ground. I fell gravel and concrete paths on the ground. I feel pens for the cattle and sheep.

Cattle and sheep are their. People on their bikes are their as well as people walking alone and with others. Tall trees are also their with big branches.

People are hiking alone tracks. Some people are on bikes biking along the path. Animals are eating food and pooing and peeing. People are eating food which they brought with them.

Beach-Setting Activity

I see sand at the beach. I also see people swimming in the sea with their family. Little children making sandcastles in the sand. Waves coming onto the beach.

I hear waves from the sea. I also hear people calling to their parents and calling to their big brother’s and sister’s to help them build a sandcastle. I hear trees swaying in the wind.

At the Beach I feel the sand on the beach. I also feel the cold and hot water. I feel the leaves on the palm trees and the wind blowing against my skin.

People are at the beach. Families are at the beach. Fish are in the sea and people are fishing for fish. Boats are on the water and small children are playing with balls.

People are playing ball with a ball on the sand and in the water. Little children are making sandcastles on the beach. People are swimming in the water.

School-Setting Activity

I see heaps of children playing on the park having fun, learning in the class room. Big playgrounds and fields filled up with people. Some Children in the trees like monkeys.

I hear people screaming because they are having fun. I also hear people yelling to their friends. I hear people swearing and talking to the teacher.I hear people asking friends for help to climb the tree.

At the school I feel trees, tables, chairs, windows. I also feel netbooks, Ipads and doors. I feel grass on the ground, bark near the playground and the playground.

Teachers are their as well as children talking to the teachers. Guests are their having fun and talking with the children. Principals are sitting in their office.

People are talking with famous people, teachers are teaching work to the children. Principals are planning for the classes. The children are having P.E outside the classes.

Teacher Only Day

On Monday it was sunny and rainy and it was also teacher only day at school. Teacher Only Day means that we do not need to go to school because the teacher’s are planning for next year’s learning.

When I woke up I got dressed and had breakfast with Mama. After breakfast, we decided to go to the swimming pool. Mama got things done and by 10:00 we were finally getting in the car to go to the swimming pools.

When we got to the pool, I went into the changing room and got changed into my swimming togs. I got in the big pool and swam 21 laps which was 693 metres in total. Then I went in the small pool with Mama and we were being different animals in the water.

Before I hopped out of the pool, I was playing with Karl in the water and he kept on dunking me in the water and I did not like it. Mama told Karl to stop and he stopped dunking in the water because Mama told him to.

We drove to meet Papa at his work and he hopped in the car and drove us to a restaurant in Onehunga. We went to Curry Leaf in Onehunga which we have been to before for dinner not lunch. After lunch we went down to the mall and Papa and Mama bought some clothes. We dropped Papa at his work and then went back home.

The Raindrop

The raindrop fell on my face and I turned into a frog. I started croaking and croaking like a big frog. I did not want to be a frog because they look disgusting and are sometimes eaten. I tried swimming in the water but I sank to the bottom of the pond.

When I got back up to the surface, I tried looking around for friends and I saw nothing else in the pind expect lily pads and dark green things on the surface. Before it was dinner, I wondered what I was going to eat that night. I thought I should eat some meat like I normally did, but where would I get the meat from.

I hopped out of the pond and across the street to go to the butcher. On the way across the road a car nearly ran me over because I was in the middle of the tyre’s path. When I finally made it across the road after half an hour, I started looking for the butcher.

After hopping up and down the footpath for 15 minutes, I saw the butcher. When I went in the butcher, a man was coming out and nearly stood on me. When I finally made it into the butcher after hiding and moving, hiding and moving, I started looking for the right type of meat that I wanted.

When I found the right type of meat, I dragged the meat onto the floor and dragged it across to the butcher. When I got to the wall where the checkout was, I started pulling the meat up the wall while I was sticking on to the wall.

As soon as I got up to the top of the wall and onto the top, the butcher screamed because there was a frog in his shop. He welled “You can have the meat, Now shoo” and he picked me up and through me outside. He quickly closed the door so I could not get back in.

I quickly dragged the meat across the footpath so I would not get trodden on. When I got to the edge of the footpath, I dragged the meat across the road and back to my pond. When I got to the pond, I put the meat on the lily pad next to me. I took a big bite and turned back to human.

I ran straight back home because I was a human again.


Once upon a time in a country where no one has been before, there was a beautiful kingdom. The country has white beaches and fresh water with an island in the middle. The beaches have clear white sand and clear water with waterfalls and lots of walks to do with beautiful nature. Big forests with many native trees in them. Many lakes around the palace for cool water. It belonged to the King and Queen. It was the richest palace and the finest ever made. They were the richest people in their country. They had $278,673,863,567,674,324,564 dollars. All the money was kept in the biggest vault with security cameras everywhere and the code to get into the vault was the largest number in the world that no one could remember but them. Their names were King Eric and Queen Tsana. They had two children called Robin and Karl. They were both Princes of their country.
The vault is underground so they have as much space as they want for they vault. In the vault there were many rooms with different type of valuables including gold, silver and bronze. In the middle room there was a gem which keeps the King and Queen able to remember the code. In the room to the side, there is also a gem which protects the King and Queen from evil people and what they could do to them. The room on the over side has the last gem protects the children from evil monsters and people.
The vault is protected by some animals. The animals are dragons and owls. The Dragon King is called Jack. Jack has a wife and two children. Jack’s wife is called June. Their children are called Joseph and John. They love their children heaps. To guard the vault, Jack and his crew of dragons breathe fire as their weapon. The King Owl is called Robin. He has a wife called Robyn. Their two children are called Right and Righty.The owls are all loved by Prince Robin and they all love each other. To help guard the door they warn the dragons and fly at the evil monsters and people. The vault has many doors to the vault.
There is a tower nearby the palace. The tower is owned by a wizard. The wizard’s name is Wizard Anakin. Anakin is loyal to the King and Queen. Because of evil people he has fairys to protect himself. He teaches them magic and tricks to get him free from evil people and monsters. The fairies like staying with him because they can learn magic and teach them to their children. Wizard Anakin created the gems which he placed in the King and Queen’s vault including the walls which nothing can break. The gems he made for the King and Queen used a lot of ingredients from his cupboard. He put them in his cauldron and mixed them up and later in the day produced them to the King and Queen.
The evil man wanted to steal the gems from inside the large vault. He came up with a plan to steal the gems from inside the vault. His plan was to kidnap the Wizard then tell him to make a gem to let him know what the code is to get into the vault. Then he would go and kill the animals guarding the door and go into the vault. Once he was in the vault then he would make a way out to his house underground. The he would go back to his house and start getting out the gold, silver and bronze and putting it in his house.

The evil man started his plan the next morning when the fairies were asleep. He kidnapped the Wizard when he was sleeping and went back to his house. Back at his house he was trying to force the Wizard to make him a gem to let him know the code for the vault. The Wizard didn't say that he would so the evil man threatened to kill the Wizard. The Wizard kept on saying “no” every time the evil man asked him.

As soon as they found out that the Wizard was gone, they went to the King and Queen. When they heard what happened they said that they would call their private police force immediately.
As soon as they got the phone they called their police force. As soon as the King said Hello, he handed the phone over to the fairies. The fairies told him where they lived and other useful information. The police said “We will be there immediately”.

As soon as the police arrived they got out their gear and started going over everything to look for fingerprints or other clues. They found nothing until 4:00 the next morning. They found a fingerprint, some hair and some blood with a knife. They continued searching for the fingerprint that they found in their police files. At 3:00 a police officer yelled “I found the right fingerprint”. All the police crowded around the and it was the right fingerprint. The evil man had been to the police office before so they had his fingerprint and details.
They went over to the evil man’s house. He was at the door when they arrived saying goodbye to his brother. The police went up to the door and said hello. When the police got inside they told him what they where here for. He said that he did not have him because his brother did. They inspected the whole house, but they could not find any clues around the house.
Bye Brother
The evil man eventually gave up and said he wanted to capture the Wizard so he could get into the vault. He said “I chose the Wizard because he created the gem which enables the King and Queen to remember the code for the vault”. The police let him go because he didn’t have the Wizard at his house so the police thought he was innocent.

Once the police reported what the evil man had said, the King got more animals to guard the door to the vault. The Queen wanted her jewels in the vault to be protected. The corridor from their room going down to an entrance to the vault had no protection at it. The Queen wanted more protection to the door near her because it had her jewels in it. The King said “I will send some guards to guard the door and they will have private rooms near them so they can be nearby the door to vault and be able to sleep”. The King got people stationed there on the Queen’s request.
As soon as the evil man heard the news, he told some people he had hired to apply for the job because they would get to know the code to the vault. They applied and two of them got in. Their names were Mike and James. When they got to the kingdom, the gem let them know the code at once. Rooms were built for them. Their rooms were right next to each other and they asked if they could have a door in between their rooms. The King said yes to them. The planned how to get the gold out of the vault together because of the door in the wall they could access each other.
The evil man’s brother was trying to make the Wizard say yes. But the Wizard still kept on saying no to him. The evil man’s brother was scared because the police would eventually track him down and where he lives. The evil man’s brother decided to go to his underground house and torture the Wizard. When he was down there the Wizard cast a spell so that the evil man’s brother would not be able to move anywhere or touch anything. Then the Wizard under the locks holding him down with a bit of magic and tried to find his way out but got lost and was captured by droids and was put back on the torturing table and tortured.
The police kept asking the evil man whenever they had the chance. After days of asking the evil man, the evil man finally gave in and told the police where the Wizard was being kept. It was night when the evil man told the police that so they decided to go to the evil man’s brother’s house in the morning when it was more light. The evil man rang his brother and told him to go back up to his house and sleep up there with the entrance to the underground house covered up because of the police. The evil man’s brother did what his brother told and went up to his proper house.


Monday, 1 December 2014

Bamboo People

Mama, Karl and I read a book called Bamboo People. It is written by Mitali Perkins. The book is set in 2010. It is a book about two boys who are both Burmese. One of them is ethnic minority and the other is not. The boys names are Chiko and Tu Reh. The army kidnaps Chiko and takes him to a training camp. Then the army starts training the boys. Chiko makes a friend called Tai while he was at the camp. Tai trys to escape but the captain finds him and smacks him with a bamboo pole. Chiko goes on a mission and gets his leg injured.  Tu Reh finds him and takes him to a healer who splints his leg, but says he needs to go to a real doctor as he probably needs his leg amputated.  At Tu Reh's camp, the people were suspiocious of Tu Reha nd the soldier, Chiko, but eventually they agreed to let Chiko leave so he could be taken by the doctor to get  a replacement leg. Chiko then goes home and finds his friend Tai at his house. They had news and the news was that his dad was coming home (his dad had been a doctor but was put in prison for being against the government). Tai had got a job as a clerk at the office in Yangon (after Chiko had taught him to read and write while they were training to be Army soldiers) and asked for Chiko's dad. Daw Widow visited him and asked the army to let him out and they said yes.

Burma is now called Myanmar and they changed their flag in 2010. Britain used to rule Burma but they became an independent country in 1948. Thousands of people have hid in the border regions. The Karenni, on of the ethnic minorities, were not allowed ino America until 2009.