Friday, 5 December 2014

School-Setting Activity

I see heaps of children playing on the park having fun, learning in the class room. Big playgrounds and fields filled up with people. Some Children in the trees like monkeys.

I hear people screaming because they are having fun. I also hear people yelling to their friends. I hear people swearing and talking to the teacher.I hear people asking friends for help to climb the tree.

At the school I feel trees, tables, chairs, windows. I also feel netbooks, Ipads and doors. I feel grass on the ground, bark near the playground and the playground.

Teachers are their as well as children talking to the teachers. Guests are their having fun and talking with the children. Principals are sitting in their office.

People are talking with famous people, teachers are teaching work to the children. Principals are planning for the classes. The children are having P.E outside the classes.

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