Monday, 1 December 2014

Bamboo People

Mama, Karl and I read a book called Bamboo People. It is written by Mitali Perkins. The book is set in 2010. It is a book about two boys who are both Burmese. One of them is ethnic minority and the other is not. The boys names are Chiko and Tu Reh. The army kidnaps Chiko and takes him to a training camp. Then the army starts training the boys. Chiko makes a friend called Tai while he was at the camp. Tai trys to escape but the captain finds him and smacks him with a bamboo pole. Chiko goes on a mission and gets his leg injured.  Tu Reh finds him and takes him to a healer who splints his leg, but says he needs to go to a real doctor as he probably needs his leg amputated.  At Tu Reh's camp, the people were suspiocious of Tu Reha nd the soldier, Chiko, but eventually they agreed to let Chiko leave so he could be taken by the doctor to get  a replacement leg. Chiko then goes home and finds his friend Tai at his house. They had news and the news was that his dad was coming home (his dad had been a doctor but was put in prison for being against the government). Tai had got a job as a clerk at the office in Yangon (after Chiko had taught him to read and write while they were training to be Army soldiers) and asked for Chiko's dad. Daw Widow visited him and asked the army to let him out and they said yes.

Burma is now called Myanmar and they changed their flag in 2010. Britain used to rule Burma but they became an independent country in 1948. Thousands of people have hid in the border regions. The Karenni, on of the ethnic minorities, were not allowed ino America until 2009.

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Sounds like a very good book Robin. Is it fiction or non fiction?

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