Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Labour Week-End

On Saturday morning we went to the Firth Tower Museum with Oma and Opa. Firth Tower was built by Josiah Clifton Firth in 1882. It was used as an office or sleeping quarters for single men. The museum has a barn, a house, jail and a church and some other things. The church can be used for weddings. We looked at a display, Farm Machinery through the Years. It has farm vehicles from 1800s to now. The house belonged to the McCaw family. After that we went to Opal Springs Hot pools in Matamata. The pools have 2 hotpools and a swimming pool with a slide that goes down to the water. Karl and I went on the slide a lot of times because it is cool. Mama, Papa, Oma and Opa spent all the time there in the hot pool which is 1.550 meters deep. The other pool was 0.550 meters deep. I spent some time in both the hot pools especially the one which Oma, Opa, Mama and Papa were in. Later we went to see Tarore's grave but it was far out in a paddock and we did not really see it.

On Sunday we went to a swing bridge at Arapuni where there is a biking track. Someway along, the deraileur on Karl's bike broke so Mama let Karl on her bike and she took Karl's bike back. When we had finished that track we went on another track. I was enjoying the bike ride, then Karl nearly fell into the water because he put on his brakes to go up a hill but he nearly fell in and held on to a tree and still nearly fell in. We went back and Karl wanted to go over the dam so we biked over the dam. We went back to where we started and had lunch. After that Karl and I walked over the swing bridge and back again. On our way back Papa took a photo of us. Then we went back to the car and back to Oma and Opa's.

On Monday we opened up our early birthday presents because Oma would need to work on our birthdays. I got a Lego Police set and Karl got a Lego Movie set. My set was missing a piece so I am going to send Lego a message and ask for the piece. We liked our Lego sets from Oma and we thanked her. After building it up we got some Lego from Tante Thea. Then we left and went home. It took us a long time to get home because the traffic was really heavy going back to Auckland.

Friday, 24 October 2014



Hi, my name is Robin and I will tell you about Melanoma.

Melanoma is a skin cancer which is caused by the sun’s heat. Melanoma is one of the most dangerous skin cancers in the world. Melanoma is most common in Northern Europe and Northwestern Europe.

To stop getting Melanoma you need to wear sunscreen and a sunhat. People with light coloured skin and people with red hair are most common to get it. If you have it you need to get it taken out so you do not die.

Melanoma on women is mostly found on the legs and for men melanoma is mostly found on the back. Melanoma is bad to get because you may die because of having it.


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Current Events

There is a man that went missing a week ago off from Martin's Bay and they have not seen his boat or his body. He went off in the evening and went with his 37 year old friend Stuward Atutahi. His name is Nicholas Stubbs and he is 22 years old. They have found his friend's body which was in the water.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Hi, my name is Robin and I will give you an explanation about how we can be sunsmart at Glenbrae.

First to keep sunsmart you need to wear a sunhat. A sunhat has wide brim to keep you safe on your neck from the sun. Sunhats are also known as Harvest hat or Field hat. Sunhats are designed to shade the face and shoulders with the wide brimmed edge. The brim of the sunhats are normally 4 to 7 inches wide.

Sunscreen protects the rest of your body that is not covered by a sunhat. Sunscreen is also called suntan lotion, sun cream, block-out and sunblock. It helps protect your skin against sunburn and cancer. Sunscreen is normally put on your body exposed to the sun. There are some sunscreen to put on your skin after you get sunburnt.

When you get sunburnt, you may get cancer. The types of cancer you can get are melanoma and photodermatitis. Cancer can stay in your skin for ever. It will make your skin look ugly. You can also die of cancer if it gets to worse.

Sunday, 12 October 2014


On Friday at night, Karl and I played Kiteboarding on Sumdog. In one match Karl and I played together. I won because I started wiping out but then I started getting 20 points for a stomp. I bet Karl by 12 points. The scores were 121 to me and 109 to Karl. To get points you answer the question and hold down the answer to do tricks to get points. At the start Karl was winning but I caught up to him.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Our Homework

School Holidays should be 3 weeks

I believe School Holidays should only be 1 week so Christmas Holidays get the extra weeks at the end of the Christmas Holidays because we can relax in February when the weather is more settled. However the teachers should get an extra week in the School Holidays. The teachers should do all the planning in the first week and have a holiday in the second week, and schools should have relievers in the first week of school.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Recount about Tuesday

On Tuesday we planed to do the waterfront explorer and do a tour of old buildings. We took the train into the city. When we were at Britomart, Mama put $10 dollars our AT Hop cards. We took the free City Link bus up to where we needed to be for the tour. First we went into the Baptist Tabernacle, built in 1886, and based on one in London. When we went inside it we went into the hall. Next we went into the tearoom upstairs.

Next we went to St Kevin's Arcade. The Nathan family used to own the land that St Kevin's Arcade is on right now. After that we went into George Court. George Court was a famous department story. Now it has a few businesses on the bottom floor which do not do well and apartments above the businesses on higher levels.

After that we went to Samoa House Fale. It was the first Samoan Fale to be built out of Samoa. The New Zealand Government provided the land for it to be built and the Samoan Government made it. The statues inside the Samoan House were made for a exibithion and only five percent got sold. Later we went to Hopetwn Alpha. It is one of the first buildings in New Zealand made of cast concrete, built in 1875. There is gilt which is gold coloured paint on the leaf shapes.

Later we went to the Central Fire Station. It now has shops on the bottom floor and apartments on the top of it. There is a courtyard which we walked into. Last of all we went to The Oitt Street Methodist Church. The Methodist Church has a skywalk to get into it from the outside without going though the main doors.

After that we went to the Central City Library for an activity.

At night we went to Papatoetoe Library for WWII activities. First we did the washing using a wooden washboard in a old tin bucket. Next we did a Butter Making Activity. We ate toast with our butter. Last we did the black-out challenge. Karl and I won the black-out challenge.

We had cookies and Pineapple Juice and Milo before we went home.

Click here to listen to an air raid siren.

Monday, 6 October 2014

My Christmas Wishlist

Wishlist for Christmas

3 Real Cars:
A Two Seater Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Silver
A Two Seater Mercedes-Benz SL55 Red
A Two Seater BMW M3 Red Racing Car
$200 dollars
A Real House 20 Bedrooms, 15 Bathrooms, 7 Stories, 5 Kitchens, 6 Dining Rooms, 9 Lounges, 12 Studies, 4 Garages, 8 Carports and 8 Outdoor Parking, 3 Swimming Pools, 1 Tennis Court
A Real Lightsaber
Toy Cars
Twelve Lego City Sets:

  1. 60047 New Lego Police Station
  2. 60008 Museum Break-in
  3. 60050 Train Station
  4. 60062 Arctic Icebreaker
  5. 60036 Arctic Base Camp
  6. 60035 Arctic Outpost
  7. 60034 Arctic Helicrane
  8. 60033 Arctic Ice Crawler
  9. 60032 Arctic Snowmobile
  10. 60064 Arctic Supply Plane
  11. 850932 Polar Accessory Set
  12. 60045 Police Patrol

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Recount about Friday

My Recount About Friday

I woke up this morning feeling fine because I was going to the dentist to get a filling. Before I went to the dentist I had lunch because my tooth would be numb so I would not be able to eat for 2 hours after the filling was finished.

When we got home Karl and I were playing in Karl’s room. I built up a 5 story + garage lego house. I had already built up 2 story + the garage and Karl ruined it so I built it up again. Karl and I kept playing till dinner in the lounge. We watched some programs on TV before we went to bed at 2145 hours.  One of the programmes we watched was Hyundai Country Calendar, which Papa had taped.  It was about the Kaimanawa horses which roam wild around the Desert Road.  Some of them are caught every year or so, to help protect and control their numbers.  Some of the ones which are caught are taught how to be tame, but some others end up being killed.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Day 6 of the School Holiday

On Thursday we went to the Auckland War Memorial Museum to look at an exhibition. The exhibition was: Still Life: Inside the Antarctic Huts of Scott and Shackleton. When we went in there I went racing off to look at things. I learnt that 69 dogs were taken to Antarctica on Shackleton's journey and only 4 dogs returned. One of the four dogs who returned was called Oscar. Oscar's harness was in a glass display case. The four dogs which retuned went to Wellington Zoo. Shackleton took dogs and horses on his journey to Antarctica. Before the dogs and horses were taken down to Antarctica, the dogs and horses spent time on Quail Island which is in Lyttelton harbour which is near Christchurch. Robert Falcon Scott was a UK Royal Navy Officer. He led two expeditions to the South Pole wanting to be first. He got to the South Pole but Amundson had gotten there first. Scott died on his second expedition. He was found with 16kg of rock with them. We went out and we left the Museum.

We went to St Heliers which used to be called The Great Bay Of Toi. We got the passport for the Auckland Heritage Festival Trail from the Library. We completed all the questions and handed it in. Next we read some books before we got some books out and went home.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Day 4 & 5 of the Holidays

On Tuesday Mama, Karl and I went to Hamilton for Mama's Former Unit Commander's wife's funeral. She died of cancer when she was 52 years old. We went to Tante Norma and Oom Ron's house before the funeral. Mama left us at Tante Norma and Oom Ron's house while she went to the funeral. Tante Norma was the only one at their house. Tante Norma played a game of scrabble with us. I got the Z and Q which are both ten points. I won the game of scrabble by one point. The score was:
Robin: 183
Tante Norma: 182
Karl: 132
Because I won Tante Norma gave us 2 biscuits and a chocolate. The chocolate was Whittakers Cranberry and Almond.

The funeral took such a long time we ended up staying for dinner. For dinner we had Chicken and Pea Soup, Rice, Chicken, Peas and Gravy. For desert we had Hokey-Pokey Ice-Cream. We did some exercise after dinner and desert. We ended leaving at 7:00 and we got home at 8:30.

On Wednesday Karl, Mama and I went off for a bike-ride to St Heliers. On the way we stopped in at our Church. I was not felling well. I threw-up on the couch and then power-chucked on Mama. The Reverand and Julie and Mama had to clean-up. We ended up coming home and Karl and I played Lego for most of the day.