Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Day 4 & 5 of the Holidays

On Tuesday Mama, Karl and I went to Hamilton for Mama's Former Unit Commander's wife's funeral. She died of cancer when she was 52 years old. We went to Tante Norma and Oom Ron's house before the funeral. Mama left us at Tante Norma and Oom Ron's house while she went to the funeral. Tante Norma was the only one at their house. Tante Norma played a game of scrabble with us. I got the Z and Q which are both ten points. I won the game of scrabble by one point. The score was:
Robin: 183
Tante Norma: 182
Karl: 132
Because I won Tante Norma gave us 2 biscuits and a chocolate. The chocolate was Whittakers Cranberry and Almond.

The funeral took such a long time we ended up staying for dinner. For dinner we had Chicken and Pea Soup, Rice, Chicken, Peas and Gravy. For desert we had Hokey-Pokey Ice-Cream. We did some exercise after dinner and desert. We ended leaving at 7:00 and we got home at 8:30.

On Wednesday Karl, Mama and I went off for a bike-ride to St Heliers. On the way we stopped in at our Church. I was not felling well. I threw-up on the couch and then power-chucked on Mama. The Reverand and Julie and Mama had to clean-up. We ended up coming home and Karl and I played Lego for most of the day.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Mama, she gets all the fun jobs.

Uncle Steve

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