Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Recount about Tuesday

On Tuesday we planed to do the waterfront explorer and do a tour of old buildings. We took the train into the city. When we were at Britomart, Mama put $10 dollars our AT Hop cards. We took the free City Link bus up to where we needed to be for the tour. First we went into the Baptist Tabernacle, built in 1886, and based on one in London. When we went inside it we went into the hall. Next we went into the tearoom upstairs.

Next we went to St Kevin's Arcade. The Nathan family used to own the land that St Kevin's Arcade is on right now. After that we went into George Court. George Court was a famous department story. Now it has a few businesses on the bottom floor which do not do well and apartments above the businesses on higher levels.

After that we went to Samoa House Fale. It was the first Samoan Fale to be built out of Samoa. The New Zealand Government provided the land for it to be built and the Samoan Government made it. The statues inside the Samoan House were made for a exibithion and only five percent got sold. Later we went to Hopetwn Alpha. It is one of the first buildings in New Zealand made of cast concrete, built in 1875. There is gilt which is gold coloured paint on the leaf shapes.

Later we went to the Central Fire Station. It now has shops on the bottom floor and apartments on the top of it. There is a courtyard which we walked into. Last of all we went to The Oitt Street Methodist Church. The Methodist Church has a skywalk to get into it from the outside without going though the main doors.

After that we went to the Central City Library for an activity.

At night we went to Papatoetoe Library for WWII activities. First we did the washing using a wooden washboard in a old tin bucket. Next we did a Butter Making Activity. We ate toast with our butter. Last we did the black-out challenge. Karl and I won the black-out challenge.

We had cookies and Pineapple Juice and Milo before we went home.

Click here to listen to an air raid siren.

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Mrs Tofa said...

Wow what a great day you had. Sightseeing around Auckland. There is a lot of history in our city and I am glad you got to explore some of it. The Samoan fale is quite neat isn't it. My uncle came from Samoa and was part of the dedication of the Samoan fale. He too is a past University of Auckland student.

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