Thursday, 29 December 2016

Day 11

Activity 1:
This is my bowling the ball to my dad.

Activity 2:
My favourite sportsman is Kieran Read. The reason why Kieran is my favourite sportsman is because he has perseverance and helps leads the All Blacks to fame. He never stops giving up and always continues playing for rugby.

Bonus Activity:
I think that Rugby Union is the best sport because it is a sport for people who are tough and can perceiver to continue to the end of the game.


Dave Winter said...

Hi Robin I am a big fan of Kieran Read also and think he has shown a down to earth respect for keeping the All Blacks as the top team in the world. I hope that they keep playing well when the Lions come to play here next year. Looking forward to reading more of your summer blog posts. Who do you respect in our backline and why?

Rachel Williamson said...

Hi Robin and Dave,

It's great to read through your post, Robin, and to see that you are a big fan of Kieran Read. I, too, am a huge Kieran Read fan. I really respect his dedication to the sport, his commitment to his craft and his physical strength and prowess. My son (Aronui) definitely looks up to Kieran and would like to become an All Black one day himself. He's only 6 so he has a wee way to go yet!

I also really enjoyed looking at the picture that you posted of yourself bowling the ball to your dad. I used to play ball with my dad a lot when I was growing up! I grew up in Canada so we played a lot of baseball and quite a bit of ice hockey as well. I was often asked to be the goalie for the ice hockey team so I would have to stand in the net and my dad would take shots on goal. I have so many great memories of playing with my dad. I am sure that you and your dad are also making amazing memories together over the holiday!

I am really impressed with your blogging, Robin. You're doing a fabulous job!

Keep up the great effort, dedication and commitment that you (like Kieran Read) are showing to your learning. It will definitely pay off!

All the best,

Rachel :)

Von said...

Hello there Robin,

I'm year 7 student from S.P.X school and my name is Von. I agree with you rugby union is the best sport because tough people can play but rugby union is also the best sport because you can always cheer for your team! Anyways My favourite team is Wallabies and I bet your team is the all blacks ..right?.. Well it's great to see that Kieran Read is your sport hero because he is a great player and never gives up when he is playing rugby :)

Fabulous work and I hope you continue to blog :)

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