Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Day 3

Activity 1:

  1. You need to keep your seatbelt on at all times unless you need to go toilet while flying
  2. No smoking aboard the plane
  3. Large electronic devices must be kept in a bag under your seat or in the storage lockers above you
Activity 2:
Image result for medieval coat of arms
I would call my airline Lion International. The reason why I chose this to be my coat of arms is because it is a lion and I am calling my airline after a Lion.

Bonus Activity:
Name of City
Cost of Return Flight
Canberra, Australia
826            AUD              Australian Dollars

864.992 AUD to NZD
Tokyo, Japan
147172      JPY                Japanese Yen
1,814.09 JPY to NZD
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
7182          MYR             Malaysian Ringgit
2,314.99 MYR to NZD
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
7219           AED             United Arab Emirates Dirham
2,838.01 AED to NZD
Cape Town, South Africa
27296          ZAR             South African Rand
2,789.15 ZAR to NZD
Berlin, Germany
2182            EUR             Euros
3,280.82 EUR to NZD
London, England
1442            GBP             Great British Pounds
2,583.46 GBP to NZD
Santiago, Chile
1 582 030    CLP              Chilean Peso
3,370.668 CLP to NZD
Mexico City, Mexico
90 664         MXN            Mexican Peso
6,415.35 MXN to NZD
Ottawa, Canada
2064            CAD             Canadian Dollar
2,223.22 CAD to NZD


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Dan Abricossow said...

Hi Robin,

Great effort again on your blogs! Which safety video did you like the best? I really enjoyed the 'Men in Black' video with some of our All Blacks in it, I thought it was really funny. Well done for noticing so many of their instructions, it's important to be as safe as possible when you fly!

I really like your logo for your new airline too. Lion International is a great name, and I like how bright your logo is. It's really eye catching! I'd want to fly with your company I reckon :-) why did you choose a lion, is it your favourite animal?

Great effort working all those calculations out. It can be tricky trying to sort out differences between currencies, so you've done really well. Why do you think Australia is the cheapest country to visit? I was surprised Mexico was so expensive, but I think once you got there it might be a little cheaper than popular places like London or Canada.

Another great blog Robin, keep up the awesome work. Don't forget to check out some of your friend's blogs too and see what they've been up to!


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