Friday, 9 May 2014

Presentation Day

Today was our Presentation Day. Our group was doing what you can take with you in the wild. Taki and Mrs Tofa collected some food that can last long in the wild. Taki brought along Chick Peas. Mrs Tofa brought along Candy Chocolates, Tea and Yogurt and Muesli. The people in our group were Taki, George, Justin, Samuel and I. I was the presenter for my group.

Our first class was Room 8. Whitney went first, Levi went second, Cherise went third, I went fourth and Maara went fifth. Whitney was talking about tents, Levi was talking about Man-made shelters, Cherise was talking about what to take with you when you go camping, I was talking about what food to take with you in the wild and Maara was talking about maps.

Maara made up a map and hid pieces of paper with jokes on and the classes found the jokes. The next class we had was Room 9. After Room 9 went to the next classroom Room 10 came in. After Room 10 went Room 5, then Room 2 and 4 and last of all came Room 1.

After we had finished we presented it to room 7 and the presenters from room 8. Next the bell went for Morning Tea. At the end I felt happy because I was a presenter.


Aaliyahna said...

Hi Robin that was a lovely sort of STORY you have created!!!

fineasi said...

hi robin i like your story that you wrote.

Mrs Sigamoney said...

Good writing on your presentation. You did well.

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