Monday, 30 March 2015

5 Facts About The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

2015 Cricket World Cup Final

  1. It was held in MCG Stadium Melbourne, Australia
  2. It was the first time New Zealand got into the finals of the ICC Cricket World Cup
  3. MCG Cricket Ground can seat 100,024 people.
  4. Australia beat New Zealand by 7 wickets
  5. 92,000 people were at the finals of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

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Bio Poem on Kupe


Who was Famous, Good, Cool and a Discoverer

Who was the Man of Exploring

Whose ideas were Discovering, Finding and Exploring

Who was Excited, Happy and Great

Who feared Being eaten by Sharks, Falling into the Sea and Not finding anything anywhere

Who Discovered New Zealand

Wanted to see more people in New Zealand, Wanted to discover more and Wanted to see more countries

Born in Hawaiki

Do Not Know

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Bio Poem on Edward Jenner


Who was Creative, Listenable, Sciencey, Determined

Was known as the Father of Immunology

Was Scientific, Lifesaver, Smallpox Curer

Who was Excited, Happy, Eureka

Who Feared Smallpox, Diseases, Cowpox

Who discovered the cure to Smallpox

Who Cured people from Smallpox

Was from Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England


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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

3 Way Conference

On Wednesday 25 March, Mama, Papa and I went to school for my 3 way conference. We sat down outside the classroom and waited until Alfred and his mum came out of the classroom. Then we went inside the classroom and sat down on the chairs. I told Mama and Papa what my goals are and where I am at now. Then I told them what I will, what the parents will and what the teacher will do to help me achieve my goals faster and better

My goals for this part of the year are to:

  • Move up one sub-level in all curriculum areas
  • Improve on my interactive skills with members of the class
  • Improve my typing skills so I am able to complete my skills quickly
Next I signed the pieces of paper. I handed it to Mama and Papa and they signed the pieces of paper. Then we got up and left the classroom to head to the car to drive home.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Free Rice

On a site called Free Rice, I got 5,000 grains of rice which goes toward people who are hungry in different countries in the world.

To get the grains of rice, I had to answer Maths questions or questions which were "What does the word mean?".

It is designed for all abilities or for all ages.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


On a site called Calcudoku, I worked on a puzzle. I really liked the puzzle so I created myself an account. I did the puzzle again and got a point. Then I did another puzzle and got 2 points. This is a screenshot of my second puzzle. I am trying to improve my time with each puzzle which I do.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Activity 3

Deer, oh Deer by Mary Campbell

WALT:Learning to identify key words in the questions to help answer questions based on the text.

I learnt a new stragtey to Write Reading Responsers. The way which I learnt is to look for the keywords in the question to help me look for the answer in the text.

By using this stragey, I was able to answer 5 questions correctly.

I felt happy at the end because I answered all the questions correctly.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Butterfly Creek

On Monday 16th of March the year 6, 7 and 8 students of Glenbrae School and the teachers of Rooms 9 and 10 got on a bus and headed to Butterfly Creek which is near the Airport. We needed to be at Glenbrae School by 8:55am so we could leave school at 9:00am. A big, white Swasbrook bus took us there so we could learn about dinosaurs and see model, robotic, dinosaurs with sound effect too.

We got off the bus at Butterfly Creek and went inside. We got our morning tea out and sat down then ate it. When we had finished we put the bags in the Birthday Room where a guide told us to put them. Then the guide told us the rules then asked us to follow her. We followed her to a room where a man gave us a talk about dinosaurs, showed us a dinosaur tooth and dinosaur poo.

Then we went to the aquarium to see the fish in it. There were heaps of small fish and big fish, different size fish, different coloured fish. I took a few photos with the Ipad. Then we headed through to the Butterfly House. There is about 800 butterflies in it at one time. Mrs Maruaki was attractive to the butterflies. One landed on my hat. Then we saw the saltwater crocodiles. They were long and impressive. Then we saw the insects which were weta and tarantula. I liked the tarantulas mostly and I took a photos of them.

Then we went out to the train. We hopped on the train and the guide started up the train and we were off. The train did a whole loop. We went to study the dinosaurs close up. We went in an egg, went in a cage with a dinosaur then went on a broken down go-kart. Mr Nath called us into a building with facts about dinosaurs. The heaviest dinosaur weighed 80 tonnes which is the weight of 18 elephants. We went back to the sitting area, got our bags, said thank you to the guide, hopped on the bus and went back to school.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

ICC Eden Park

On Saturday, at 12.15pm, my family and I headed to school to get on a bus with other students and some teachers to go and watch an ICC Cricket World Cup match.  It was South Africa vs. Pakistan.  School had been given 30 tickets to the game, and we all paid $5 for the bus.

When we arrived at school, the only people there were students, as well as Ms Elia who was not going to the cricket.  The teachers who were going were Mrs Adcock, Mrs Kumar and Mrs Raj, plus their husbands, and Mama and Papa.  Once they all arrived, we all took our seats on the bus, and off we went to Eden Park.

When we got to Eden Park, we hopped off our bus and walked around to the closest entrance to where our allocated seats were.  As we walked in, security guards checked our bags as we were not allowed any drinks (but we could take empty bottles in and fill them once we were inside).  When we got through security, we met in a group, filled our water bottles, and headed up to our seats.  Our seats were in an uncovered stand (so we got sun, and some of us put sunblock on), and we had a good view of the length of the cricket pitch.

South Africa were the first team to bowl so they took their positions on the field and the game started at 2.00pm sharp.  For the first 10 overs, the fielders had to be close in to the pitch, but could move out further for the remaining overs.

The Pakistan team batted well and after their first 4 (where the ball bounced then got to the boundary) they continued getting some 4s till they finally got a 6 (where the ball goes over the boundary without bouncing).  Most of their batters were caught out on the full, and at least one was out by LBW (leg by wicket).

The Pakistani team were all out for 222 runs.

Then South Africa came in to bat after the rain had fallen and they had had a short short dinner break.  The South African team had a high run rate, but they lost batters quickly.

A number of players reached high runs for their careers during this game, including one who had about 5,000 runs.

The South Africans were all out for 202, but unfortunately we did not get to see the end of the game, as we had had to leave on the bus in order to get back to school where the parents were waiting for children.

For some of the students it was their first time going to Eden Park, and for some it was their first time watching a cricket game, like Papa, Karl and I.  It was an excellent game and I really enjoyed it and appreciate Mrs Raj for organising it for our school.