Thursday, 2 October 2014

Day 6 of the School Holiday

On Thursday we went to the Auckland War Memorial Museum to look at an exhibition. The exhibition was: Still Life: Inside the Antarctic Huts of Scott and Shackleton. When we went in there I went racing off to look at things. I learnt that 69 dogs were taken to Antarctica on Shackleton's journey and only 4 dogs returned. One of the four dogs who returned was called Oscar. Oscar's harness was in a glass display case. The four dogs which retuned went to Wellington Zoo. Shackleton took dogs and horses on his journey to Antarctica. Before the dogs and horses were taken down to Antarctica, the dogs and horses spent time on Quail Island which is in Lyttelton harbour which is near Christchurch. Robert Falcon Scott was a UK Royal Navy Officer. He led two expeditions to the South Pole wanting to be first. He got to the South Pole but Amundson had gotten there first. Scott died on his second expedition. He was found with 16kg of rock with them. We went out and we left the Museum.

We went to St Heliers which used to be called The Great Bay Of Toi. We got the passport for the Auckland Heritage Festival Trail from the Library. We completed all the questions and handed it in. Next we read some books before we got some books out and went home.


Taki said...

Hi Robin great work and I like your pictures !!

Trisha Coffin said...

Perhaps when you are in Chch, we can go to Quail Island for a picnic.
Lots of love Nana xx

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