Sunday, 29 December 2013


On Saturday 28 December 2013 we went on a hike from one side of Auckland to the other side of Auckland, the walk is called the Coast to Coast. It is a 16km walk which was very long walk. At the finishing point I was so tired . The start is the Maritime Museum in New Zealand. The finish is Onehunga. I did it with Mama, Papa and Karl. It is one of a few countries that you can walk across in a day.Me and Karl went on our scooters and Mama and Papa walked.
At our hikes start
At the hikes finish

Friday, 27 December 2013

On Christmas Day we went to our uncle's house in Hamilton. His name is Oom Ron and he is my dad's brother. His wife's name is Tante Norma. She did a lot of things for lunch. My Oma and Opa came to lunch. After that we opened our presents from them. It was fantastic. My favourite present was the Captain Rex helmet for Oom Ron and Tante Norma. My favourite food was the sausages.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Sleep over

Today is the last day of school. I am having a sleep over with my friend Loto. My brother is having a sleep over with his friend Sam. Loto and Sam are brothers. Karl is going to Loto's and Sam's house and Loto is coming to my house.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Orana Park

Orana Park

Orana Park was made in 1976 and they only had 28 animals then and now they have over 300 animals including lions,tigers and cheetahs. We went there on the Saturday 30 November.  I went there with Mama, Nana and Karl.

The ones standing up are males and they lost their manes because they were castrated and they stopped making testosterone.  This was because they are all related and would fight if they were left as they were.

These calves were in the farmyard area and are so cute.  I am patting the brown cow and Karl is patting the black cow

We saw some giraffes and we got to feed them too. They are so strong that they pulled the branch off me.

We saw some keas feeding and here's a photo. The one with the yellow around the eyes and nose is a younger kea and the one with black is an older kea. They have red and orange under wings.

My favourite animal was the lion because of how tall the males were.