Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Orana Park

Orana Park

Orana Park was made in 1976 and they only had 28 animals then and now they have over 300 animals including lions,tigers and cheetahs. We went there on the Saturday 30 November.  I went there with Mama, Nana and Karl.

The ones standing up are males and they lost their manes because they were castrated and they stopped making testosterone.  This was because they are all related and would fight if they were left as they were.

These calves were in the farmyard area and are so cute.  I am patting the brown cow and Karl is patting the black cow

We saw some giraffes and we got to feed them too. They are so strong that they pulled the branch off me.

We saw some keas feeding and here's a photo. The one with the yellow around the eyes and nose is a younger kea and the one with black is an older kea. They have red and orange under wings.

My favourite animal was the lion because of how tall the males were.

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Tsana Plessius said...

Hi Robin,
You obviously learnt a lot about different animals when you visited Orana Park. I remember going there as a little girl, and sitting in the car while the lions ate their meat all around us - and sometimes, on top of cars!
Love Mama

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