Saturday, 14 June 2014

Why is making popcorn science

On Friday at clubs we had Mrs Raj instead of Mrs Adcock because Mrs Adcock was away for a Manaiakalani meeting. Popcorn is irreversible which means once it has been made into popcorn it can not turn back to the seeds. Popcorn pops when the heat goes into them because there is water in them so when the heat goes into them the water can not hold the hot air out so it finally gives up and pops. There are three kinds of molecules in liquids.
  1. A tight tight molecule
  2. A loose molecule 
  3. A loose loose molecule 
 We ate popcorn afterward.


Mrs Tofa said...

Great pop corn is a great treat and interesting to read why and how it pops.

Mrs Raj said...

Hi Robin. I'm glad you were learning about popcorn. Just one thing. Matter has three states. 1. Solids with tightly arranged molecules in them. 2. Liquids with loosely arranged molecules in them. 3. Gases with very loosely arranged molecules in them. Great to see you are blogging your learning. Well done!

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