Friday, 27 June 2014

Hector's Dolphin

Why are Hector’s Dolphin endangered?

The animal I am describing is the Hector’s dolphin.

Hector’s dolphin grow up to 1.4 metres in size and is one of the smallest dolphins in the world. Hector’s dolphin is a mammal.

Hector’s dolphin only found in the south island of New Zealand. The hector’s dolphin in the north island of New Zealand is now called Maui’s dolphin.

Hector’s dolphin die because of the plastic that people throw down in drains and they think it is food and it gets stuck in them so they can not breath and die.Boats kill Hector's Dolphin calfs with their motor and also fishing nets kill them.

A hector's calf killed by a boat propeller. Photo Al Hutt.

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Tsana Plessius said...

Hi Robin,
You have chosen a rather vivid photo to highlight the plight of both the Hector's dolphin and the Maui dolphin. The actions of humans (throwing rubbish away carelessly, boating and fishing in their habitats) has many far-reaching consequences. What could we do to prevent these deaths?
Love Mama

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