Sunday, 8 June 2014

Tree Planting at Tahuna Torea

On Sunday we went to Tahuna Torea to do planting. There were over four hundred trees to plant. Volunteers had already put out the trees and plants where they were to go. I went there with Mama and Karl and we saw a lot of people from church and from Gifted Kids.

When we got there we walked a little way while following the signs to the planting. Some of the trees we planted were close to paths and a lot were in thick dense vegetation (Bush). I planted trees like Puriri, a Kowhai, some Grasses and others. All of the trees we planted were native plants and trees.

While we were waiting for some drinks, a man on a bike came along the path and we had to move out of his way.  Bikes are not allowed in Tahuna Torea because it is a nature reserve.  Some of the people planting trees asked the man to stop riding his bike through the reserve.  He became abusive and angry and told people he would keep riding his bike there tomorrow and the next day and the next.  He also told people to "Shut up".  When he finally left, another man on a bike came past and the first man said "That's what you get for that".  The volunteers did not move off the path this time, so the second cyclist rode on the native bush, and was also reminded that bikes were not allowed in Tahuna Torea and especially not on plants.  The second cyclist was on a BMX bike so he was able to jump off the path and on again.

After we finished planting, the Auckland Council and Mrs Barfoot had some food and drink for us and people planting.

At the end, I felt happy because I had planted trees which will provide homes for animals and native birds.


Trisha Coffin said...

I am glad you have been planting trees; how bad of those people on bikes.
Should we plant some trees at Okains Bay?
Love you lots Nana

Tsana Plessius said...

I am pleased that we went along and helped to make a difference, to Tohuna Torea, and also to the wider environment - trees are vital.
The cyclists were not helping the nature reserve.
Love Mama

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