Friday, 17 July 2015


On Monday I was happy because I was with Mama
On Tuesday I was excited because I saw Oom Arjan and Tante Debbie with Oma and Opa
On Wednesday I was good and got a lego minifigure from Oma
On Thursday I was angry because I was not allowed on the computer from Oma
On Friday I was happy as I went to Minecraft Gallipoli with Oma
On Saurday I was sad because Oma went home
On Sunday I did Tree Planting in GI

Monday, 6 July 2015

Accident and Bike Photos

In the week-end Papa and I took Karl down to Cambridge for a bike race for Karl.
On Sunday before the race started, I went down a wet grass hill with road tires on my bike.
I was going too fast and my pedal made two big cuts in my leg.
I put my bike on the ground and went up to Karl.
I told Karl what had happened and he went down to get my bike.
A man from a tent close to the Remuera Intermediate came over to see what had happened.
The man went and got his first aid kit.
Papa came and helped the man put a bandage on my cuts.
I went to the car to wait for the medic.
Papa took me over to see the event medic.
They put something else on my two cuts and said that I should get stitches to make it heal faster.
Papa took me to an A&E Clinic
A man numbed my leg.
The man put in the stitches.
At the fifth stitch, I was sick on the bed then in a cup.
The man put on a covering on my stitches and told me some things to do.
We picked Karl up then went home to Mama.