Friday, 28 March 2014


Wednesday we went to Legoland for a day. Once we got there we went up to the counter to pay for the tickets. A women had 2 children but she had 3 passes which you could get one child free with an adult. She gave 2 of the passes to us so we did not need to pay for us. Once we got though to Legoland we went on a Lego Technic coaster. After that we did a lot of rides before we went on Coast Cruise which is where you go on a river and a man talks to you. After that we went to a shop called the Minifigure Shop where I bought 3 Star Wars sets.

To me, Legoland is similar to Disneyland but the rides are designed for younger children.

Before we left Carlsbad, which is where Legoland is, we saw the Flower Fields, which were rows and rows of different coloured flowers.


Marjo Plessius said...

Lieve Robin

De bloemen velden lijkt wel the tulpen in Nederland als die in bloei staan.
het ziet er al zo leuk uit,
Veels kusjes en ik hou van jou xoxoxox

fineasi said...

hi robin i bet u are having a good time at lego land.

maara said...

Hi robin did you have fun at lego land it looks cool

Taki said...

I hope you have fun at legoland, Looks fun on the car Robin

Danny S said...

Hi Robin I think you had fun at LEGOLAND it looks so cool if I go the once. NICE WORK ROBIN

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