Wednesday, 19 March 2014

America Trip #2

Today when we got to the Los Angeles airport we were early so we had more time to get our bags and go though customs and security and then we got a rental van to get to go and get the car we were hiring. Today it is Tuesday 18th of March because you cross the timeline.When we got to the motel we played and then we did our blogs. The Air Tahiti plane had games on it. When we got to Tahiti we went though to transition to wait for our plane.


Marjo Plessius said...

Lieve Robin
Ik hoorde dat je in de cockpit mocht, Leuk..
Ik heb Mama's blog ook gelezen en jullie hebben al een hoop gedaan.
Veel kusjes
Oma en Opa

GBSblogowner said...

How exciting Robin! How was it on the plane? What games did you play?
I too want to visit Tahiti. I hear it is a beautiful island. Keep blogging to let us know where you are and what you are doing. Have fun!!! Mrs Raj

Te Puawai said...

Have fun Robin and Karl. Don't get lost, come back soon :)

Jerome Montel Tarquin said...

Sounds really exciting, safe travels and hope you get back safe. All the best

pitalady said...

It sounds like lots of fun, what games were on the plane, will I get to play them as well.
See you soon.
Love Nana xx

Mrs Tofa said...

Planes, luggage, rental, fun, fun Robin. Wow LA airport? Is it as big as they say on TV? How was customs in the USA? Start posting pictures of your adventure if you can. Arohanui from NZ

Teaue-Leah said...

that is really cool I hope you enjoue

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