Sunday, 30 March 2014

Joshua Tree National Park

On Friday we went to Joshua Tree National Park (JTNP). On the way we stopped in Santa Ysabel and Papa and Mama got out and streched their legs while looking around. After this we drove to a town called Julian circa 1870. We went in to the local drug store and the old miners store to have a old fashioned Soda Float. Mama, Papa and Karl had the Soda Float, while I had an Ice Cream cone. After this we drove to Salton Sea. The roads in Salton Sea are like roller coasters. The sea was once a dried desert below sea level with no outlet, this was accidentally filled up in winter of 1905. On the way to JTNP we saw a wind farm which had hundred of wind turbines and drove over the San Andreas fault line, which Mama and Papa have felt the shacking from. Once we got to JTNP we drove to Key Views in the park to see the Sun set.


Felicity Oberlin-Brown said...

The icecream looks yummy Robin! I hope your eyes are feeling better now. Love, Uggie xx

Taki said...

I like the chocolate lcecream Robin

alfred said...

good icecreem you got i hope you get back to new zealand.From alfred

Teaue-Leah said...

hi Robin
I like your ice cream

maara said...

that ice cream looks nice

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