Friday, 14 March 2014


On Thursday 13 March Karl, Mama and I went to Mindlab with Gifted Kids. First when we got there we sat down in the days we go to Gifted Kids. First my group went to the science lab to test how you can make rockets with a film canister, Baking soda and Vinegar. We all succeeded with it. 

After we did that we had our morning-tea and then we went to programme robots into racing car robots witch was very cool. The main thing to remember about robots is that they are dumb. 

After that we went back and had our lunch. Next we had a play on Scratch, which is a website where you can make sounds which sound like musical instruments. After that we headed back to the Gifted Kids building at Stanhope Soad school.

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Teaue-Leah said...

That is so cool Robin you should put up a video

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