Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Halloween is so spooky
Ghosts come out
Dream about lollies sweet
Whoa go ghosts
Halloween, halloween go to sleep
If you don't I'll eat some meat
I am invisible so I can float

By Robin

Friday, 11 October 2013


The last couple of days in this week Karl and I have been going to Crossfit East Auckland.The things Karl and I have been doing are jumping, press-ups, sit ups and ring rows.  Each day we did warm-ups, a game, technique work then the work-out of the day.  I have been having a great time so far.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Tahuna Torea

Yesterday Karl, Mama and I went to Tahuna Torea Reserve to look and walk around. We saw a couple of fantails on the way down to the carpark from the Godwit's lookout. Karl and I were playing Zombies vs Humans while we were walking along the tracks and Mama was our navigator.

We also saw lots of trees there including Nikau Palm, Kowhai, Kauri, Tree Ferns, Manuka, Mangrove, Pohutakawa, Flax and many others. The weather was fine and I had a marvelous time.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013


On Sunday Karl, Papa and I went to Manukau Bike Park.  There were tracks for: Easy, Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.  I liked the easy and beginners because they had bridges that I could bike across without getting off.  Once I was walking over a bridge in the advanced and my bike's back wheel went in to muddy water and did not like it at all.  My bike is a red bike.  At the end I was happy to have done it. Yippee!

Sunday, 6 October 2013



Caring For Chickens
Everyday check
Ø  Water
Ø  Refill food container
Ø  Put kitchen food scraps out for chickens
Ø  Collect eggs
Periodically check for:
Ø  Scaly leg mite
Ø  Lice and lice egg (around the vent and under the wing)
Ø  General health of chickens
Ø  Regularly change straw in nesting boxes

Information about Chickens
*      Live for eight to fifteen years
*      Need shelter
*      Need nesting boxes (one for every five chickens) straw or non-treated wood shaving
*      Need roosting perches
*      Need fresh water daily
*      Like fresh food such as corn, lettuce and bugs
*      Like to bath in dust
*      Food: mixed grains, pellets and mash (about one and a half cups each day)
*      Need grit-used in place of teeth to grind food
*      Clip feathers on one wing to stop them flying
*      More chickens in the world than any other bird
*      Colour of the ears shows what colour eggs they law
*      Heaps of breeds kept for meat and eggs

This is one of our chickens:

Saturday, 5 October 2013


Today I am staying at home. I am not going to watch Karl go to a athletics club which is called Eastern Harrier Athletics Club. It is a open day today and he is going to it.There are three open days and Karl is going to two of the three open days. One is today and the others are the two next Saturdays. Karl can only go to this week and the third week.

Friday, 4 October 2013


When we did Taekwon-do I did not know that we would learn how to count to ten in Korean. The table on the left side of this writing has the numbers one to ten.If we did push-up and count to ten in Korean.
Here are the further numbers to one trillion=

Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Elections

The local elections are coming up for New Zealand. We choose a mayor and the mayor selects a deputy mayor from the counsellors. There 17 people standing for mayor. Len Brown is standing for mayor. Elections are every three years. For the mayor you can only vote for one person.

You have to 18 to be able to vote, and you have to be registered as a voter.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


This week, Karl and I have been going to Taekwon-do to learn how to protect ourselves  from bad danger. We learnt how to do foot and hand techniques. The main instructor on Monday was Mrs Robinson, and we had a different instructor on Tuesday.

Taekwon-do means:
Tae: to jump or kick with the foot.
Kwon: to punch with the hand or fist.
Do: art or way.