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Caring For Chickens
Everyday check
Ø  Water
Ø  Refill food container
Ø  Put kitchen food scraps out for chickens
Ø  Collect eggs
Periodically check for:
Ø  Scaly leg mite
Ø  Lice and lice egg (around the vent and under the wing)
Ø  General health of chickens
Ø  Regularly change straw in nesting boxes

Information about Chickens
*      Live for eight to fifteen years
*      Need shelter
*      Need nesting boxes (one for every five chickens) straw or non-treated wood shaving
*      Need roosting perches
*      Need fresh water daily
*      Like fresh food such as corn, lettuce and bugs
*      Like to bath in dust
*      Food: mixed grains, pellets and mash (about one and a half cups each day)
*      Need grit-used in place of teeth to grind food
*      Clip feathers on one wing to stop them flying
*      More chickens in the world than any other bird
*      Colour of the ears shows what colour eggs they law
*      Heaps of breeds kept for meat and eggs

This is one of our chickens:

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