Friday, 29 May 2015

Asthma Show

Thursday 28 May 2015

The Asthma Show

Today, on a bright sunny morning, the classes of Glenbrae School went down to the hall to watch a show about asthma. We met a man whose name was Chris. Chris was in a bright blue tuxedo.

He talked to us about Asthma and what it can do. It can affect your lungs and breathing system. It changes your healthy looking Broncho Pipe to a infected Broncho Pipe.

The things that Trigger Asthma:
Flower Pollen, Smoke, Virus, Animal Fur, Dust Mites and Cold Air.
We can prevent Asthma by using Preventer Inhaler.

Partway through the show, Sailor the Puffer Fish entered from the storage cupboard. I liked Puffer Fish because when we sang a song, he did a cool tail move.

I learnt a lot because of the show.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Keeping Healthy in Winter

In winter, there are a number of things we should all do to stay healthy.  These include:

  • shower every day
  • keep your fingernails short and clean
  • wear clean clothes
  • wash your hair and check for nits / headlice
  • keep your feet dry to prevent athletes foot
  • eat healthy food
  • exercise
  • if you get a cold, cough and sneeze into your arm, not over people
  • wash your hands regularly, especially after going to the toilet and before touching and eating food

Tamaki College

On Monday 18 May I went down to Tamaki College to learn Maths and Science. I started with Maths with Mrs Dunn. I learnt about shapes, perimeter, and area. After that I went down to Science and learnt about the moon. I needed to fill out a form with questions and answers.

Saturday, 16 May 2015


Walt: Name things used in our schools
Te Reo
Hose Pipe
Ngongo Putorino
Mara Takaro
Staff Room
Ruma Kaimahi
Resource Room
Ruma Rauemi
Swimming Pool
Puna Kaukau
Vacuum Cleaner
Te Umu


On Wednesday 13 May, Glenbrae School classes Room 7, 9 & 10 went to Motat by bus to learn about technology from WW1.

When we got there, Katherine welcomed us and told us the rules about Motat. Once she had finished she told us we could have morning tea. Mrs Raj then told the helpers to go and we went last.

We then had our educator led session. All the activities were hands on activities. I started with typing on a typewriter. Then we moved onto pigeons. We then went to contacting others in the battlefield. Lastly we went to badges.

Then we went onto the tram to go on the tram ride. The conductor told us some facts about the tram and what engines it has. It has four engines and is a Melbourne train painted red for Auckland trams.

We went back to our meeting place and were allowed to have lunch. After lunch we then did trail around Motat (our group did not do it but the other groups did). We then went on our Teacher Guided Tour around Motat. We explored all the buildings, looked at some cars and did the mirror maze.

Burma Trail

In the weekend we did the Burma Trail in the dark. The Cubs started with the Scouts following us as I am a Cub. The first time we were allowed our eyes open but the second time the Scouts needed to go backwards with their eyes closed but the Cubs went with their eyes closed.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Cher Ami

  • "Cher Ami" was a registered Black Check Cock carrier pigeon, one of 600 birds owned and flown by the U.S. Army Signal Corps in France during World War I.

  • He delivered 12 important messages within the American sector at Verdun, France. On his last mission, "Cher Ami," was shot through the breast by enemy fire, but managed to return to his loft. A message capsule was found dangling from the ligaments of one of his legs that also had been shattered by enemy fire. The message he carried was from Major Whittlesey's "Lost Battalion" of the 77th Infantry Division that had been isolated from other American forces. Just a few hours after the message was received, 194 survivors of the battalion were safe behind American lines.

  • "Cher Ami" is on display at the National Museum of American History, Behring Center, in the exhibition The Price of Freedom: Americans At War.

  • Cher Ami is a homing pigeon which lived in a box.

  • He was given a medal for his bravery

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Rope Bridge

I went on a Rope Bridge across water on Sunday. I climbed down a cliff to get to some rocks to cross to the other side. I climbed up the other side and decided to go to the middle of the rope and hop in to the water. I did that twice and on the second time I collected the sponges then hopped out. I then quickly went over to the showers and had a shower.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015


In the weekend I went to Piha Mill Camp for Scouts. One of the activities I did was Archery. It was fun as I had a bow which could shoot well.  The string was loosened to help shoot the arrows. I got an arrow in the yellow centre of the target and someone from my brother's group got a bullseye. When you load the arrow you load it pointing towards the ground and you pull it up, aim it at the target and fire the arrow.  It can be difficult to pull the arrow back as it is not overly stretchy.

Friday, 8 May 2015

PB4L Learning

I did a Google Drawing on PB4L Learning and I took a screenshot of it and have put it here. I have put a picture on it. It has a yellow background and is on orange. The picture is a Keep Calm picture with a crown on top of it.

PB4L Self

I did a Google Drawing on PB4L Self and I took a screenshot of it and have put it here. I have put a picture on it. It has a blue background and is on green. The picture is a Keep Calm picture with a crown on top of it.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Sign Language Week

This week it is Sign Language Week and I am doing a game called Sign Ninja. I am good at it so I took a screenshot of the food page and have inserted it. I know what is what but I can not do the signs well but I am learning how to do them with my hands better.

Sunday, 3 May 2015


On ANZAC Day, I was in the St Heliers parade with the St Heliers/Glendowie Scout Group.  Our Scout Group has links with St Philip's parish as our 1st Scoutmaster, Sgt Brookfield, was a member of this parish, and several current members have been or still are involved in the Scout Group.  I'm pleased I was involved in the parade because I got to march like a soldier and I was selected to lay a wreath at the Brookfield Memorial.  ANZAC Day is a day on which we remember the dead and those who fought for our country in all wars.  This ANZAC Day was especially important as it was 100yrs since the Gallipoli landings, and people say that Gallipoli brought our nation together.