Saturday, 16 May 2015


On Wednesday 13 May, Glenbrae School classes Room 7, 9 & 10 went to Motat by bus to learn about technology from WW1.

When we got there, Katherine welcomed us and told us the rules about Motat. Once she had finished she told us we could have morning tea. Mrs Raj then told the helpers to go and we went last.

We then had our educator led session. All the activities were hands on activities. I started with typing on a typewriter. Then we moved onto pigeons. We then went to contacting others in the battlefield. Lastly we went to badges.

Then we went onto the tram to go on the tram ride. The conductor told us some facts about the tram and what engines it has. It has four engines and is a Melbourne train painted red for Auckland trams.

We went back to our meeting place and were allowed to have lunch. After lunch we then did trail around Motat (our group did not do it but the other groups did). We then went on our Teacher Guided Tour around Motat. We explored all the buildings, looked at some cars and did the mirror maze.

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Tsana Plessius said...

Hey Robin,
The Museum of Transport and Technology has some amazing activities to participate in. Grandma used to have a typewriter, and she would type me letters and post them to me. Now, people use computers to type letters, or send emails, or Skype each other!
Love, Mama

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