Friday, 28 March 2014

New Children's Museum and San Diego

On Thursday 27th March, we went to Hampton Inn to meet Tante Thea and Miss Ronnie.  We had time to talk to Miss Ronnie and say good-bye to her before we left.  Tante Thea came with us to the New Children's Museum.  There were a lot of activities including bubble blowing, climbing ropes which made a sound when you were near the orange balls, making music with kitchen tools, building bridges and walls with bricks made out of dried mushrooms, and lots of other things.  We got to make pot plants made from newspaper in a garden across the road - we had to give them to Tante Thea and Miss Ronnie to take home.

Following that, we walked to the waterfront, and had ice-creams and went on a carousel which was over 100yrs old.  While walking, we saw a pelican and a sea lion or a harbour seal.

After that, we went to a restaurant in Little Italy where we ordered food but 3 of us could not eat all our food so got doggie bags.  I had a 10inch pizza, and only ate half of it tonight.

We took Tatne Thea back to her motel and said good-bye to her, as they go back home tomorrow and we leave San Diego for our next adventure.


Norma Plessius said...

Wow! These are awesome photos Robin! Looks like you're having a great time! I'm jealous... hehehe. Hope to hear more funny stories when you get back. Have fun!

Dasharn said...

robin was it huging that very huge large leg

Caroline & Angelica said...

Wow Robin I think you a having a very good time at New Children's Museum and San Diego. I'll hope when you come back to school you give us a lot of ideas. HAVE FUN!

cherise said...

Hi Robin hope your having a great time.Keep the pictures up.

cherise said...

Hi Robin hope your having a great time.Keep the pictures up.

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