Sunday, 6 July 2014

Tree planting at Omaru

On Saturday morning we headed down to Omaru River near the Glen Innes library for tree planting. Before we started planting I was helping Alice and Kate to do all the measurement's to put on the board about the temperature of the water and the air and how clear the water was and what the pH was. Mama and I planted over fifteen trees the whole day. All the trees (500) were planted in less than a hour. Before we left Alice and I went fishing in the river to look for animals that live in the river. We found two damselfly and lots of small midges.


Mama said...

Hi Robin,
It was a fun day, helping to plant the trees that will stop nutrients go into the stream and also provide shade for the river.
Love Mama

Miss Elia said...

Hi Robin
It's great that you and your family are giving a helping hand in the community. When the Omaru River is clean you will be able to say that you helped to achieve that. Good on you.

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