Saturday, 12 July 2014

Panmure Library

On Friday we went to the Panmure Library to build Panmure out of play-do. We built it because a earthquake destroyed all of Panmure so we had to rebuild Panmure to make it more fun and cool.  This was part of the Auckland Libraries Wild! School Holiday Programme.

I built a rollercoaster which was on the sea. I also built a chair and television which someone destroyed for something else. In our town someone built a McDonalds for the city, a rock with sharks circling around it, and a mountain with people coming down from the mountain.

After that was the prizes. I won a chocolate flake for the rollercoaster I made. Two other things in the other group won a prize. The judge still had one more prize left so he chose the rock with sharks circling around it, Karl's army fort and one from the other team for everyone to vote on. Because there was only one from the other group they had the most votes. However, everyone got a lollipop.

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