Monday, 29 September 2014

Day 3 of the School Holidays

Today in the morning after I had my breakfast, I did some of my knitting for a scarf. The scarf will be orange and another one I am working on will be different colours.

Later we went to Papatoetoe RSA center for an activity in the Auckland Heritage Festival. We made medals from papar and cardboard and we got to take them home. I made all the medals. The medals were The Pacific Star, New Zealand Operational Medal and The 1914-1915 Star. After I had made all of them I started working on the other activities they had there. One of them was a Scavenger Hunt and I found all the things I needed to look for with some help. I completed two quizes. I cheated on one of the quizes because the answers were in the next sleeve in the book. On the other on I looked for answers upstairs where there was information about the war. I tried on some old army clothes that they had there.


Karl Plessius said...

Hey Robin, those are good pics that you have put on your blog. We had lots of fun. What was your best part of the day? I bet you liked making the medals and wearing the cool uniform.
Stand at ease!


Tsana Plessius said...

Hi Robin,
You have written a lengthy recount of your day - well done!
You have described a very creative day, with knitting, making medals and doing the quizzes, as well as dressing up. There was a lot of information at the display, and I think you learnt a lot by doing the quizzes.
Love Mama

Mrs Tofa said...

Hi Robin thanks for a very descriptive recount of your day. I like the pictures too. It is a great visual to go with your recount.

Taki said...

That looks interesting robin.I like your pictures in those army cloths.

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