Sunday, 7 September 2014


Sports Badge By Robin Plessius

1. Explain simply, the rules of two sports such as: Rugby, Netball, Soccer, Cricket, Hockey, Archery, Volleyball, Baseball, etc.

Rules of Basketball

1.You can not put your foot down outside the court but you can keep your foot off the ground outside the court and it is not out
2.There are 5 members on each team
3.If you touch someone on their body not the ball it is a foul
4.If you bounce a ball with both hands it is a double dribble
5.If you pick up a ball and do not throw or shoot the ball but keep dribbling instead it is a double dribble
6.If you run with the ball it is travel

Rules of Rugby

1.There are 15 members on each team on the field at one time unless a player has been sent off the field
2.There are 22 members on a team altogether
3.No tackles are allowed higher than the shoulders as this is a high tackle
4.No passing forward is allowed - this is a forward pass
5.If people drop too soon in a ruck it is a collapsing the ruck and you can get a penalty and is very dangerous
6.If you kick the ball out on the full it is a twenty-two drop out
7.If you kick the ball over the goal post it is a drop-goal
8.If it is a high tackle it is a penalty, a yellow card or a red card

2.Explain why it is important to take a shower or bath after a game and change into fresh clothes.

It is so you do not smell and keep your clothes and body clean and hygienic.

3.Explain why it’s important to take good care of your feet and what can happen if you don’t.

If you get blisters you can not walk and you need to check your foot for athlete’s foot and overgrown toenails as they can be painful. You always need to wash and dry in your toes.

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