Thursday, 10 July 2014

Brazil vs Germany

On the 9th of July we watched Brazil vs Germany in the FIFA World Cup. In the first half, the Brazilian goalkeeper let 5 goals go in the goal. At the end of the first half the score was 5-0 with Germany in the lead. The Brazilian team and coaches must have not been happy because Germany was in the lead by 5 points. The biggest defeat the Brazilian's have ever had up until this time was against Uruguay in 1920 (it was 6-0).

At the end of the football game the score was Germany 7 - 1 Brazil. The Brazilian team's goalkeeper might have gone and hid after the game because he let 7 goals go past him. The coaches on the Brazilian team must have been angry because the Brazilian team lost the game by 6 points. The German team must have been celebrating because they beat the host team in the semi finals.


Chino Moreno said...

Germany did well on the game unfortunately I bet on Brazil that day ahaha

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Sonya Lims said...

This result was incredibly shocked!

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