Monday, 7 July 2014


On Sunday morning after Papa arrived home we went to church. Papa stayed at home and did his washing. After church I talked with Jaz about things I need to do to get the My Faith badge for Cubs. Cubs is a part of Scouts.

I have been doing some good turns for my family.  I made my Papa breakfast when he came home.  I helped make my mum bake a cake for my Papa, to welcome him home.

There are  four different cloths they use for the background behind the cross and altar up the top on the wall. The four different colours are cream, red, purple and green. Cream is for Easter and red is for Christmas. Green is for ordinary and purple is for Lent. There are stained glass windows in our church.  Some of them show the 12 disciples.  At the back of the church, there is a baptismal font as well the organ, which is played during the church services.  In the foyer of our church, there is a bell tower - the bells are rung before the services start to let people know that the church is starting.

We read the story about the Good Samaritan (Luke 10) where a man is beaten up and robbed.  Two people walked past him on the other side of the road, but a third person, the Good Samaritan, stopped to help him and then took him to an inn so he could recover.  I have made a card for my great, great uncle who is sick in Christchurch.

We also read a book about a man with leprosy who runs out to Jesus when Jesus arrives in the city.  People with leprosy were avoided by other people and this man had no friends.  Jesus touches the man with leprosy and the leprosy sores all disappear.  The man told everyone of his cure.  I learnt not to be mean to other people just because they are different than me.  For example, if there was someone at school with no friends, I could go and talk to them.

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Miss Elia said...

Hi Robin
I really enjoyed your story. It is full of interesting news and information. I didn't know the significance of the different colours of cloths in the church. It's great that you are being helpful at home. It must be good to have your papa back from his travels.

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