Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Labour Week-End

On Saturday morning we went to the Firth Tower Museum with Oma and Opa. Firth Tower was built by Josiah Clifton Firth in 1882. It was used as an office or sleeping quarters for single men. The museum has a barn, a house, jail and a church and some other things. The church can be used for weddings. We looked at a display, Farm Machinery through the Years. It has farm vehicles from 1800s to now. The house belonged to the McCaw family. After that we went to Opal Springs Hot pools in Matamata. The pools have 2 hotpools and a swimming pool with a slide that goes down to the water. Karl and I went on the slide a lot of times because it is cool. Mama, Papa, Oma and Opa spent all the time there in the hot pool which is 1.550 meters deep. The other pool was 0.550 meters deep. I spent some time in both the hot pools especially the one which Oma, Opa, Mama and Papa were in. Later we went to see Tarore's grave but it was far out in a paddock and we did not really see it.

On Sunday we went to a swing bridge at Arapuni where there is a biking track. Someway along, the deraileur on Karl's bike broke so Mama let Karl on her bike and she took Karl's bike back. When we had finished that track we went on another track. I was enjoying the bike ride, then Karl nearly fell into the water because he put on his brakes to go up a hill but he nearly fell in and held on to a tree and still nearly fell in. We went back and Karl wanted to go over the dam so we biked over the dam. We went back to where we started and had lunch. After that Karl and I walked over the swing bridge and back again. On our way back Papa took a photo of us. Then we went back to the car and back to Oma and Opa's.

On Monday we opened up our early birthday presents because Oma would need to work on our birthdays. I got a Lego Police set and Karl got a Lego Movie set. My set was missing a piece so I am going to send Lego a message and ask for the piece. We liked our Lego sets from Oma and we thanked her. After building it up we got some Lego from Tante Thea. Then we left and went home. It took us a long time to get home because the traffic was really heavy going back to Auckland.

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