Saturday, 4 October 2014

Recount about Friday

My Recount About Friday

I woke up this morning feeling fine because I was going to the dentist to get a filling. Before I went to the dentist I had lunch because my tooth would be numb so I would not be able to eat for 2 hours after the filling was finished.

When we got home Karl and I were playing in Karl’s room. I built up a 5 story + garage lego house. I had already built up 2 story + the garage and Karl ruined it so I built it up again. Karl and I kept playing till dinner in the lounge. We watched some programs on TV before we went to bed at 2145 hours.  One of the programmes we watched was Hyundai Country Calendar, which Papa had taped.  It was about the Kaimanawa horses which roam wild around the Desert Road.  Some of them are caught every year or so, to help protect and control their numbers.  Some of the ones which are caught are taught how to be tame, but some others end up being killed.

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Tsana Plessius said...

Hi Robin,
I always feel nervous before I go to the dentist, then hope I feel fine afterwards. You were very brave at the dentist, and well behaved. Remember to keep brushing your teeth twice each day!
I like the way you structured your writing into two parts - the morning and the afternoon.
Love Mama

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