Thursday, 12 March 2015

Butterfly Creek

On Monday 16th of March the year 6, 7 and 8 students of Glenbrae School and the teachers of Rooms 9 and 10 got on a bus and headed to Butterfly Creek which is near the Airport. We needed to be at Glenbrae School by 8:55am so we could leave school at 9:00am. A big, white Swasbrook bus took us there so we could learn about dinosaurs and see model, robotic, dinosaurs with sound effect too.

We got off the bus at Butterfly Creek and went inside. We got our morning tea out and sat down then ate it. When we had finished we put the bags in the Birthday Room where a guide told us to put them. Then the guide told us the rules then asked us to follow her. We followed her to a room where a man gave us a talk about dinosaurs, showed us a dinosaur tooth and dinosaur poo.

Then we went to the aquarium to see the fish in it. There were heaps of small fish and big fish, different size fish, different coloured fish. I took a few photos with the Ipad. Then we headed through to the Butterfly House. There is about 800 butterflies in it at one time. Mrs Maruaki was attractive to the butterflies. One landed on my hat. Then we saw the saltwater crocodiles. They were long and impressive. Then we saw the insects which were weta and tarantula. I liked the tarantulas mostly and I took a photos of them.

Then we went out to the train. We hopped on the train and the guide started up the train and we were off. The train did a whole loop. We went to study the dinosaurs close up. We went in an egg, went in a cage with a dinosaur then went on a broken down go-kart. Mr Nath called us into a building with facts about dinosaurs. The heaviest dinosaur weighed 80 tonnes which is the weight of 18 elephants. We went back to the sitting area, got our bags, said thank you to the guide, hopped on the bus and went back to school.

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