Wednesday, 25 March 2015

3 Way Conference

On Wednesday 25 March, Mama, Papa and I went to school for my 3 way conference. We sat down outside the classroom and waited until Alfred and his mum came out of the classroom. Then we went inside the classroom and sat down on the chairs. I told Mama and Papa what my goals are and where I am at now. Then I told them what I will, what the parents will and what the teacher will do to help me achieve my goals faster and better

My goals for this part of the year are to:

  • Move up one sub-level in all curriculum areas
  • Improve on my interactive skills with members of the class
  • Improve my typing skills so I am able to complete my skills quickly
Next I signed the pieces of paper. I handed it to Mama and Papa and they signed the pieces of paper. Then we got up and left the classroom to head to the car to drive home.

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Tsana Plessius said...

Hi Robin,
We are very proud of your progress, and of the realistic and achievable goals you have set for yourself.
You can achieve anything you set your mind to.
Love Mama

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