Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Day 9

Activity 1:
My family is a typical English Family that has 2 kids. There is me, Robin and my brother Karl who is 13 years of age. My mother is named Tsana and she is 46 years and married to my father, Eric who is 53 years, for 13 years.

Activity 2:
I would find the house crowded and noisy and not like it as I like peace and quiet so I would be no good as a member of the Duggar family. What I would like is that we could play games like rugby and have a large team to play against.

Bonus Activity:
1.Tsana Plessius
2.Darfield, Canterbury
3.I have no siblings
4.We are so close to everything
5.I would go to Europe to experience History and the different natural features

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Rachel Williamson said...

Hi Robin!

It's lovely to have the opportunity to 'meet' your family! Like you, I also have one sibling and two parents who have been married for a long time! My parents are just about to celebrate their 34th wedding anniversary. It's a pretty awesome achievement. I hope that I will reach that same milestone one day!

I must admit that I quite enjoyed growing up in a family of 4. It was pretty quiet and we all go along really well. I think that the Duggar household would be way too loud and chaotic for me. I would struggle to find anywhere that I could just sit and relax without dozens of people around me. The Duggar children don't appear to mind the chaos but I suspect that they grow a bit weary of it every now and then!

On that note, I hope that you and your family are having a lovely, relaxing holiday time together. Do you have any special plans for new years? My son, Aronui, and I are going to take my partner (Andy) out for dinner and then we are likely to go and watch some fireworks (weather permitting). It does sound like it might rain on the 31st but we'll just have to cross our fingers and hope that it stays clear and dry!

Wishing you a very happy holiday. I'll look forward to popping back to check your blog again soon to see if you've had time to post another activity. I hope that you will!

Rachel :)

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