Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Day 8

Activity 1:
Me reading a book

Activity 2:
Summer Activities that my mother enjoys
1.Sleeping in because she is on holiday
2.Reading books because it is my chance to catch up on the books on her TBR list
3.Eating Chocolates that I get given at christmas time
4.Eating Strawberries and Blueberries, especially freshly picked
5.Spending time with my family

Bonus Activity:

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Rachel Williams said...

Hi Robin!

Thanks for posting a great picture of you reading your book for the Summer Learning Journey programme. What book are you reading in this pic? I've been enjoying the latest JK Rowlings book entitled, " A Casual Vacancy." It's a really entertaining read - perfect for the beach!

Speaking of the beach, have you been spending some down time this holiday with your family at the local beach? I hope that you've been able to relax and get some good rest before the next school year starts. I can't believe that we're almost at the beginning of yet another year. Where did the time go?

It is amazing to see your progress through the Summer Learning JOurney programme. I have enjoyed reading each and every one of your posts. I'll endeavour to post comments on each one over the next few days.

Well done, Robin!

Bye for now,

Rachel :)

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