Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Day 5

Activity 1:
Spartan Gold is a book by Clive Cussler. It is a book about the Fargos, Sam and Remi, who find a UM34 sub from World War I which was used by the Germans. They find a bottle of wine from Napoleon's lost cellar which was made by Henri Archambault on the orders of Napoleon Bonaparte by a carrier pigeon from Ebla. They then track down where the man who found them which is at Chateau d'if.

Sam and Remi are multi-millionaires who made their money by making a argon laser scanner that can detect and tell metals and can identify them from a distance. They sold it to the highest bidder after four years and turned to treasure hunting which they both liked to do.

Activity 2:
I chose Book 2-Matilda by Roald Dahl
Matilda is a book by a classic author who is famous through out the world. It will also help curious kiwi learn new words that are real and words that are made up by Roald Dahl. It also gives a good sense of mystery as some of the characters that are most unlike each other are related.

Bonus Activity:
I looked around the room. Nothing seemed unusual, but then I noticed that my key ring to my vault was missing. I looked around for it when I found a fingerprint on my desk which looked a lot like my mothers. I ran down the stairs to the dining room, looking for my mother, through into the kitchen before finding her in the lounge. I questioned her about my missing key ring and she said that she had been tidying up my room and had seen the key ring on the ground and put it in my desk. I did not know how my key ring had ended up on the fall but I was onto the mystery of it. I came to a conclusion that my albino peacocks had gotten in to the house through the gate which my brother had left open and had made the key ring fall onto the ground.

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Dan Abricossow said...

Kia ora Robin,

This is another great blog! I had to share your story with Rachel and Mark here, I thought it was way too funny to keep to myself. Those albino peacocks sound like they have a lot to answer for... I'm impressed that you've been keeping albino peacocks as pets in your story! I've been wanting to get a cat or a dog, but you're a couple steps ahead of me I reckon.

Thanks for the two book recommendations. I'm impressed you're reading Clive Cussler books! Have you been reading much over the holidays? Or have you been too busy outside for that? I think the language you've used to describe both books is well written and definitely gives me a good description of each book.

I'm stoked that you chose Matilda by Roald Dahl. That was one of my favourite books growing up. I watched the movie again recently because I saw that they had added it onto Netflix. It's still just as good!

I wouldn't mind reading another chapter of your story. You have a great imagination, and I'm really enjoying your definite humour that seems to be through all of your blogs so far. It makes them a lot of fun to read!


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