Sunday, 8 January 2017

Day 12

Activity 1:
1.Löwenzahn - Episode I
2. What I liked about the show is that it was based on Star Wars with the theme song and graphic images of lightsabers.
3. What I did not like about the show is the it was hard to understand but would have been better if it was in English.
My rating of the TV show is *** stars out of *****.

Activity 2.
Victoria is a TV show about Queen Victoria from her becoming Queen to her having her first child with Albert. It also shows how she is a kind and gracious ruler and how Albert helped her bring railroads to the attention of the British people.

Bonus Activity:
This is a short video from Shortland Street and is Pixie Hannah's death.


Von said...

Hey Robin,

I have to agree with you I did not understand what the show was about or what they were saying..

Great Job and keep it up!

Rachel Williamson said...

Hi Robin,

Thanks for this great post! It's so nice to have you back blogging with us again!

I enjoyed reading your 'pros' and 'cons' for the German TV show, Lowenzahn - Episode 1. It is always quite challenging to fully understand a programme that is in a foreign language but I love that you could still see the strengths in the show, despite the language barrier. I also enjoyed reading your description of the TV show, 'Victoria.' I have never heard of it before. Is it on Netflix? I'm aware that there is another period drama on Netflix called 'The Crown.' It chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II.

I will certainly look to watch 'Victoria.' I'm a real fan of period dramas! I have not traditionally been a huge fan of soap operas, although I did find the scene of Pixie Hannah's death somewhat intriguing. It's the only clip that I have ever watched of 'Shortland Street.' Are you a fan of the show? It is New Zealand's longest running dramatized television show of all time. That's pretty impressive, isn't it?!

Keep up the great work, Robin.

Cheers :)


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