Thursday, 12 January 2017

Day 17

Activity 1:
I would choose to visit Neuschwanstein Castle as it is a big castle and it would have lots of information in and out it. It is also the castle that inspired Walt Disney to make a castle. I would also like to follow in my mothers and fathers footsteps as they went there in July 1999.

Activity 2:
I would take my person to the top of New Zealand, Cape Reinga. Next I would take my person to Te Papa to see the World War exhibit. Then I would take my person to the bottom of New Zealand which is Bluff.

Bonus Activity:
The monument I choose is the Sydney Opera House. It is in Australia and lots of people go to it.


Rachel Williamson said...

Kia ora Robin,

What a special blog you have posted today. It is quite amazing to think that your parents visited Neuschwanstein Castle in 1999 and that you were able to show us pictures from their trip. That is really incredible!

I also love that you were able to post a picture of your family (I think?) at the Sydney Opera House. I had the chance to visit the Opera House a few years ago when I was in Sydney for work and I loved it. I have never seen anything quite like it. Have you? We were able to have a lovely picnic in the Royal Botanic Garden and look out over the Opera House next door. We were there in the middle of summer and the flowers were blooming beautifully!

I hope that you also enjoyed your time as a tourist in Sydney. Speaking of tourists, I think that you have chosen three great places to take your visitor to New Zealand. They will be able to experience the diversity and variable landscapes that are so common to New Zealand by taking to them to top of the country and then to the very bottom, with a stop in the middle (Wellington) to visit Te Papa. Great idea, Robin!

I really hope that you will enjoy your final few days of the journey this holiday. You're already onto Dy #18. That is awesome.

Keep it up and finish strong!

Rachel :)

Harrison said...

Hey Robin

Nice job, with the work right near the end
Keep it up

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