Friday, 5 December 2014

Beach-Setting Activity

I see sand at the beach. I also see people swimming in the sea with their family. Little children making sandcastles in the sand. Waves coming onto the beach.

I hear waves from the sea. I also hear people calling to their parents and calling to their big brother’s and sister’s to help them build a sandcastle. I hear trees swaying in the wind.

At the Beach I feel the sand on the beach. I also feel the cold and hot water. I feel the leaves on the palm trees and the wind blowing against my skin.

People are at the beach. Families are at the beach. Fish are in the sea and people are fishing for fish. Boats are on the water and small children are playing with balls.

People are playing ball with a ball on the sand and in the water. Little children are making sandcastles on the beach. People are swimming in the water.

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