Friday, 5 December 2014


Once upon a time in a country where no one has been before, there was a beautiful kingdom. The country has white beaches and fresh water with an island in the middle. The beaches have clear white sand and clear water with waterfalls and lots of walks to do with beautiful nature. Big forests with many native trees in them. Many lakes around the palace for cool water. It belonged to the King and Queen. It was the richest palace and the finest ever made. They were the richest people in their country. They had $278,673,863,567,674,324,564 dollars. All the money was kept in the biggest vault with security cameras everywhere and the code to get into the vault was the largest number in the world that no one could remember but them. Their names were King Eric and Queen Tsana. They had two children called Robin and Karl. They were both Princes of their country.
The vault is underground so they have as much space as they want for they vault. In the vault there were many rooms with different type of valuables including gold, silver and bronze. In the middle room there was a gem which keeps the King and Queen able to remember the code. In the room to the side, there is also a gem which protects the King and Queen from evil people and what they could do to them. The room on the over side has the last gem protects the children from evil monsters and people.
The vault is protected by some animals. The animals are dragons and owls. The Dragon King is called Jack. Jack has a wife and two children. Jack’s wife is called June. Their children are called Joseph and John. They love their children heaps. To guard the vault, Jack and his crew of dragons breathe fire as their weapon. The King Owl is called Robin. He has a wife called Robyn. Their two children are called Right and Righty.The owls are all loved by Prince Robin and they all love each other. To help guard the door they warn the dragons and fly at the evil monsters and people. The vault has many doors to the vault.
There is a tower nearby the palace. The tower is owned by a wizard. The wizard’s name is Wizard Anakin. Anakin is loyal to the King and Queen. Because of evil people he has fairys to protect himself. He teaches them magic and tricks to get him free from evil people and monsters. The fairies like staying with him because they can learn magic and teach them to their children. Wizard Anakin created the gems which he placed in the King and Queen’s vault including the walls which nothing can break. The gems he made for the King and Queen used a lot of ingredients from his cupboard. He put them in his cauldron and mixed them up and later in the day produced them to the King and Queen.
The evil man wanted to steal the gems from inside the large vault. He came up with a plan to steal the gems from inside the vault. His plan was to kidnap the Wizard then tell him to make a gem to let him know what the code is to get into the vault. Then he would go and kill the animals guarding the door and go into the vault. Once he was in the vault then he would make a way out to his house underground. The he would go back to his house and start getting out the gold, silver and bronze and putting it in his house.

The evil man started his plan the next morning when the fairies were asleep. He kidnapped the Wizard when he was sleeping and went back to his house. Back at his house he was trying to force the Wizard to make him a gem to let him know the code for the vault. The Wizard didn't say that he would so the evil man threatened to kill the Wizard. The Wizard kept on saying “no” every time the evil man asked him.

As soon as they found out that the Wizard was gone, they went to the King and Queen. When they heard what happened they said that they would call their private police force immediately.
As soon as they got the phone they called their police force. As soon as the King said Hello, he handed the phone over to the fairies. The fairies told him where they lived and other useful information. The police said “We will be there immediately”.

As soon as the police arrived they got out their gear and started going over everything to look for fingerprints or other clues. They found nothing until 4:00 the next morning. They found a fingerprint, some hair and some blood with a knife. They continued searching for the fingerprint that they found in their police files. At 3:00 a police officer yelled “I found the right fingerprint”. All the police crowded around the and it was the right fingerprint. The evil man had been to the police office before so they had his fingerprint and details.
They went over to the evil man’s house. He was at the door when they arrived saying goodbye to his brother. The police went up to the door and said hello. When the police got inside they told him what they where here for. He said that he did not have him because his brother did. They inspected the whole house, but they could not find any clues around the house.
Bye Brother
The evil man eventually gave up and said he wanted to capture the Wizard so he could get into the vault. He said “I chose the Wizard because he created the gem which enables the King and Queen to remember the code for the vault”. The police let him go because he didn’t have the Wizard at his house so the police thought he was innocent.

Once the police reported what the evil man had said, the King got more animals to guard the door to the vault. The Queen wanted her jewels in the vault to be protected. The corridor from their room going down to an entrance to the vault had no protection at it. The Queen wanted more protection to the door near her because it had her jewels in it. The King said “I will send some guards to guard the door and they will have private rooms near them so they can be nearby the door to vault and be able to sleep”. The King got people stationed there on the Queen’s request.
As soon as the evil man heard the news, he told some people he had hired to apply for the job because they would get to know the code to the vault. They applied and two of them got in. Their names were Mike and James. When they got to the kingdom, the gem let them know the code at once. Rooms were built for them. Their rooms were right next to each other and they asked if they could have a door in between their rooms. The King said yes to them. The planned how to get the gold out of the vault together because of the door in the wall they could access each other.
The evil man’s brother was trying to make the Wizard say yes. But the Wizard still kept on saying no to him. The evil man’s brother was scared because the police would eventually track him down and where he lives. The evil man’s brother decided to go to his underground house and torture the Wizard. When he was down there the Wizard cast a spell so that the evil man’s brother would not be able to move anywhere or touch anything. Then the Wizard under the locks holding him down with a bit of magic and tried to find his way out but got lost and was captured by droids and was put back on the torturing table and tortured.
The police kept asking the evil man whenever they had the chance. After days of asking the evil man, the evil man finally gave in and told the police where the Wizard was being kept. It was night when the evil man told the police that so they decided to go to the evil man’s brother’s house in the morning when it was more light. The evil man rang his brother and told him to go back up to his house and sleep up there with the entrance to the underground house covered up because of the police. The evil man’s brother did what his brother told and went up to his proper house.


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