Friday, 5 December 2014

The Raindrop

The raindrop fell on my face and I turned into a frog. I started croaking and croaking like a big frog. I did not want to be a frog because they look disgusting and are sometimes eaten. I tried swimming in the water but I sank to the bottom of the pond.

When I got back up to the surface, I tried looking around for friends and I saw nothing else in the pind expect lily pads and dark green things on the surface. Before it was dinner, I wondered what I was going to eat that night. I thought I should eat some meat like I normally did, but where would I get the meat from.

I hopped out of the pond and across the street to go to the butcher. On the way across the road a car nearly ran me over because I was in the middle of the tyre’s path. When I finally made it across the road after half an hour, I started looking for the butcher.

After hopping up and down the footpath for 15 minutes, I saw the butcher. When I went in the butcher, a man was coming out and nearly stood on me. When I finally made it into the butcher after hiding and moving, hiding and moving, I started looking for the right type of meat that I wanted.

When I found the right type of meat, I dragged the meat onto the floor and dragged it across to the butcher. When I got to the wall where the checkout was, I started pulling the meat up the wall while I was sticking on to the wall.

As soon as I got up to the top of the wall and onto the top, the butcher screamed because there was a frog in his shop. He welled “You can have the meat, Now shoo” and he picked me up and through me outside. He quickly closed the door so I could not get back in.

I quickly dragged the meat across the footpath so I would not get trodden on. When I got to the edge of the footpath, I dragged the meat across the road and back to my pond. When I got to the pond, I put the meat on the lily pad next to me. I took a big bite and turned back to human.

I ran straight back home because I was a human again.

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