Friday, 5 December 2014

Forest-Setting Activity

I see lots of tall, native trees and people hiking. People on their bikes, biking around the forests and on tracks. People looking at animals in pens like cattle.

I hear people biking through mud. Tall trees waving their leaves in the winds. People calling to their families to hurry up because they are way ahead.

I feel the bark off the trees. I also feel the mud on the ground. I fell gravel and concrete paths on the ground. I feel pens for the cattle and sheep.

Cattle and sheep are their. People on their bikes are their as well as people walking alone and with others. Tall trees are also their with big branches.

People are hiking alone tracks. Some people are on bikes biking along the path. Animals are eating food and pooing and peeing. People are eating food which they brought with them.

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