Tuesday, 11 August 2015

About Myself

My full name is Robin Adrianus Patrick P. I am named after family members. My first name Robin is the name of my great-great-grandfather (on my mothers, mothers, fathers side). My second name Adrianus is the name of my Opa (on my fathers side). My third name Patrick is the boy version of my grandmothers name (on my mothers side). I am Half-Dutch, Half-New Zealand. My mum is New Zealand while my dad is Dutch. I am 9 years of age and was born in October. I have a brother who is 11, whose full name is Karl Alfred Eric P and whose born in November. My mums full name is Tsana Kate P nee Coffin, who is 44 and was born in May. My dads name is Eric Adrianus P, who is 52 and was born in July. I love learning about my family history. I have learnt that I am related to the Coffin family, the Monde family and the Stackwood family. I have also learnt that my family were whalers and came on the first four ships. The only jobs I do around the home are the chores that I am asked to do by my parents.

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Tsana Plessius said...

Hi Robin,
I can see from reading this that you are proud of your family and your familial background. It is good to know about your family as it makes it easier to make connections with other people, and that helps to establish relationships.
Some of your grammar could be checked before publishing, to make sure it reads correctly. Otherwise, well done! Very informative.
Love Mama

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