Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Walk to the Sky Tower

On Monday we did a walk to the Sky Tower from home in Glen Innes and Karl and I went on our scooters while mama walked. It was 11.8km.

Before we left, we got everything we needed: food, water, raincoat, and our backpacks.  Karl and I also had our helmets.

On the way, we talked to a man at the old boatsheds by Tamaki Drive.  He showed us his boat and his bosses boat in another shed.  His bosses boat was quite big and was 90 years old.  His boat was a bit younger.

At the Ports of Auckland there were a few ships in the harbour.  We saw lots of people on their BMX bikes who are here to compete in a tournament.

We got a bus home and on the bus ride, we saw a big roll-on roll-off ship that had docked while we were at the Sky Tower.

I felt happy at the end of our adventure because I did not think we would make it all the way, and yet we kept on going and succeeded.  We did not give up!

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Tsana Plessius said...

Kia ora Robin,
What an awesome effort, from you and Karl, on a huge adventure!
You have written a detailed recount of our trip, and broken it down in a logical way. I like how you have used a semi-colon (the :) at the start of the list of things we took with us.
Great work!
Love Mama

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